You don’t want to miss this memo Mr. Assange


To: The World

From: The Future Generation

Date: December 16, 2010

Re: The New Initiative


As you all know, we have been born into a world of corruption. We did not ask to come into the world.  In fact, we did not even ask to be born in any certain country.  We just were.  Growing up in the various portions of the world that we’ve come from, our parents taught us not to lie.  They taught us that we should not steal or gossip.  They told us that to do these things means that we would bring dishonour to our families in the process – and to ourselves.  We were taught that, to be honest, meant that we would be respected and that we would gain trust by doing so.  In our individual homes, it seemed that we were held to high standards of conduct and should we falter in meeting those expectations, we were punished.

Growing up, in addition to being taught these things and being expected to abide by those guidelines – we also saw authority figures on a daily basis.  We saw them in our personal lives giving lectures and shaking our hands.  We saw them on the news.  We saw them on the internet and we heard them on the radio.  What we saw of most of them wasn’t paralleled by the things that we were taught in the home.  We became confused.  We are still confused.

Today, we reflect on what we were taught by our parents and what we seen in authority figures across the world – and we reflect on what Julian Assange has done – and what he has done has caused much controversy.  Again, we find ourselves confused.

What is a child to do when they are put into an existence full of controversial and hypocritical examples?  The people who bring us into the world instil such virtue while those who we are forced to pledge allegiance to instil hate and tyranny.  And those like Julian Assange who bring out the bad, with the intention of helping them to be good in the future – gets jailed for trying to instil what our parents taught us is right. We remain confused.

We as a whole have decided that since we are in essence the future generation of this world – and because it is we who will be in authority next – and since it is we who will be the parents instilling virtue into our children’s developing minds, that we will simply instil in the current generations – a new worldy initiative.  This new worldy initiative will not be like the alleged, “New World Order.”  The only thing we ask is transparency and honesty.  We ask that those virtues taught to us as young children – honesty, integrity, honor, and trust be re-established through our new initiative.  From here on out – we plead to the authority of the world – for a more honest and open approach and for accountability to be taken for each and every word, action, thought, and feeling – not only from authority, but from every single person in the world.

We ask that everyone consider what their actions do to others – even if it’s not obvious.  If you move a grain of sand, you have changed the world – and you should there to be accountable for it – and how it’s affected those around you.

Julian Assange has given us this gift and he has inspired us to create this new initiative.  If you are not with us, then you are fired – and we will see to it that you are not awarded severance for your efforts either.

Let this be the memo that is heard across the world – because we are here and we are YOUR next generation.  We will be the ones ensuring that you’re taken care of when you are once too old to care for yourself.

We encourage everyone – and not only authority figures to remember this memo from this day on – and to remember that anyone can change.  Nobodies past matters with this new initiative.  What matters to us…is what you do from here on out.  Don’t throw us under the bus anymore and fuse us with more confusion.  The generational conveyor belt will not stop – and for generations to come…they will know what you have done and what you continue to do.  Start the new day with change – accept accountability for your past actions as well as your new – and help the world be a better place.  Let Julian Assange go unharmed – and allow him to help you be accountable for your actions and give us the freedom and liberty of knowing what you are doing…so that we too can help you stand on the pedestal with a head held high in an honest way.  Don’t let us down.

-The Future Generation

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