Worldwide Wiki Citizens – Open Letter to US Government

We are a group of people from around the world who have come together for a common purpose: to defend WikiLeaks,  to denounce the US government’s attempts to try Julian Assange on espionage, and to protect our rights and our democracies.

We are writing an open letter to the US government on the implications of its intended actions, and the devastating effects these could have on a free press, free internet, and on free societies everywhere.

We need people from around the world to participate, by reading parts of this letter on video. We will create a video montage – a global, unified message that we will not tolerate these threats to our rights and to democracy. We stand firm in the knowledge that democracy is a two-way street – it is not the government’s job to censor politically inconvenient information – and that information is power. Access to real information is how we, as societies, guarantee our freedoms.

We need you! Please join us and volunter to read this letter on video. Help us send the most powerful message possible.

In solidarity,

Tangerine – Wiki Citizen

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