With Regard to Taking Holiday in Sweden

I am deeply appalled that any professional writer would take up the mantel of attack against Julian Assange. From an unbias standpoint, it would be fruitful to remember that the reason freedom of expression is being attacked by nearly all governments in the world is because of “professional writers” both online and offline that publish content that they (those governments and their officials) simply do not want to hear, read, or face. This in and of itself is highly unethical in my opinion. Being responsible for one’s actions when they assume a position of power, is paramount.

Reason stands up against such allegations as calling Mr. Assange a “scardy cat.” Perhaps it is wise to remember that should Assange present himself to Sweden, he will there shortly after be presenting himself in America. We should be reminded that many politicians in America have called for Mr. Assange’s death by assassination or official execution. Also to be remembered, is America’s long running history for slandering those that make them uncomfortable and exposing embarrassing and/or vicious truths leading to (a suspicion that has yet to be proven) “suicide” with help. Remember Vince Foster, for example?

It seems that Sweden may or may not have “dogs” in the fight with Assange. Regardless, America does not – save for wanting revenge for being exposed. The only ones that America should blame for their recent “exposure” is themselves since it was nobody else that committed the acts. There has yet to be a reported death that resulted from the cables released by Wikileaks. In fact, there has yet to be reported by fact – any harm (except to America’s ego) coming from the cables released by Wikileaks.

I do believe that Mr. Assange has chosen to do the right thing and uphold the true sense of the word: Justice. Justice is a person’s defending of their rights and if defending one’s right to live in the face of incitements to death isn’t justice, then the world is far off worse than any of us could have ever imagined.

The longer that Mr. Assange is allowed to remain in the UK, the longer politicians in the United States can show themselves and to date, what they have shown us is unimpressive and oppressive

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