Wired Journalists Deny Assange’s involvement

Two wired journalists who have the transcripts of Lamo and Manning’s “chat session” claim that Julian Assange has no connection to Manning’s decision to send US embassy cables to Assange’s site, Wikileaks.

The two journalists have published portions of the chat session, but say that there is nothing fantastic or damning in the rest of the chat and see no reason to release them to the public.  They have assured several authorities that there is absolutely nothing in the chat sessions that would place Assange in a position of co-conspirator or anything related to it.

Critics have been claiming lately that the two journalists from Wired are withholding information that may be crucial to prosecuting Assange for history’s largest and most prevalent leak of all time.  Adrian Lamo – the “journalist/ordained minister” has made recent claims about Assange’s involvement with Manning and has sought to destroy the whistleblowing industry and media sources like Wikileaks because “those types of things damage citizens around the world.”  Again – without there being damage in the world related to the incident, many are calling Lamo a traitor and a lunatic who cannot tell the truth.

Adrian Lamo has suggested recently as well that Assange was directly involved and may have given Lamo a special FTP server in order to get the cables and transmit them to Wikileaks.  In addition, he claimed that Assange may have simply afforded Manning with a physical “drop box” inside the US.

Some authorities in the US are furious that the two wired journalists refuse to release the entire chat session between Adrian Lamo and Bradley Manning.  They claim that any prosecutor who wants to ensure that all the facts are on the table would need those documents and aspired to bench their claims on “truth.”  There are many questions arising from their notions of truth as the US withholds much information from it’s citizens that they don’t feel has relevance to the public need – even when voting comes into play.  The question is: why is the US demanding truth from citizens when it cannot even afford truth for itself in return?

Julian Assange has stated that his biggest fear is being extradited to the US – where he could face possible execution.  Even now, we are seeing officials from the US demanding that Julian Assange be executed – even before charges, a conviction, or due process has been set in place.  Essentially – the US is demanding a man murdered and is sounding off the dogs of justice and liberty that would uphold the American Constitutional standards of due process of the law – and fair trial.

The Two Wired Journalists continue to claim that there is nothing “newsworthy” in the rest of the documents and are refusing to release them.  Critics continue to spew comment over comment about the journalists and it has sparked (along with Wikileaks) a worldwide discussion with regard to journalism and the media.

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