Will The Journalists Who Outed CIA’s Pakistan Chief Be Treated Like Julian Assange?

Richard Kulawiec pointed us to the news that got a lot of attention last week concerning how the CIA had recalled its chief in Pakistan back to the US after his name was outed in a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by a guy who blames the CIA for his relatives being killed in a drone attack. Apparently, two Pakistani journalists gave him the name of the CIA chief, and the guy included it in his lawsuit, leading to the recall. While the American press is not reporting the guy’s name, it’s widely available in foreign coverage.

That said, Richard asks a key question: given how many people have complained that Julian Assange should face trial/imprisonment/death etc. for his work with Wikileaks — which it’s been claimed, with little proof, has actually put Americans in danger — why are we not seeing the same sort of claims about the Pakistani journalists who put this CIA boss in danger? After all, the situations are similar. In both cases, these are non-Americans who had certain information, which they revealed. Except, in the case of Assange and Wikileaks, there’s actually been an ongoing effort to redact names and keep important details like that secret. That didn’t happen with the Pakistani journalists and the CIA chief. So why is one so evil, and the others mostly being ignored?

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