Wikileaks: We will not defame Sweden

Kristinn Hrafnsson – Published March 5, 2012 – 09:26

KristinnHrafnsson720WikiLeaks last week claimed Expressen that Wikileaks would have “prepared a smear campaign against Sweden” and mapped the Swedish journalists. As sources was to define both an “insider” in the WikiLeaks and an “internal memo” from WikiLeaks. Although we categorically rejected the Expressen claims of “Wikileaks war with Sweden”, Expressen put out the story. WikiLeaks has absolutely no plans to bring “defamation of war” against Sweden. WikiLeaks is now a simple request to Expressen: Publish the alleged WikiLeaks-memo, write Kristinn Hrafnsson, a spokesman for Wikileaks.

While Wikileaks working on preparations to release “the GI Files”, (The Global Intelligence Files / Global intelligence files) where we, in collaboration with 25 newspapers publish authentic documents from the privatized spy world, Expressen been busy filling his magazine with fake , fabricated reports. Last week, Expressen claimed that Wikileaks had “prepared a smear campaign against Sweden.” As sources was to define both an “insider” in the WikiLeaks and an “internal memo” from WikiLeaks.

I was in haste to Paddington railway station in London when Expressen called. It was late, the night before Expressen would publish his great fictional story. Although the environment was noisy, I am sure that the journalist got answers to their questions. Namely that WikiLeaks does not want conflict with the Swedes and the organization certainly not planned a “smear campaign against Sweden.” When the question been repeated time and time again I said that nobody should be surprised if there will be a strong reaction from Wikileaks supporters of the United States would try to get Assange extradited from Sweden. WikiLeaks has strong support from the Swedish people, but not the Expressen. If anyone doubts that the U.S. government is already a year ago, had intended to get Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, left, read the emails that are now released from Stratfor: messages in the leaked “GI files” proves that the U.S. had a secret indictment against him.

Although we categorically rejected the Expressen claims of “Wikileaks war with Sweden”, Expressen put out the story. There was a storm in a teacup with reactions from the Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who was upset at the prospect of being subjected to personal mudslinging. This great man of impeccable reputation! What a farce. Wagging the dog with its tail – or vice versa?

Carl and Karl
Now if this story was of no use as it is because Foreign Minister Bildt had the opportunity to express their pride to count Karl Rove as an old and close friend. For those not familiar with Rove, as he belongs to the most notorious spin doctors in the U.S. neo-conservative camp. He is the man who had to leave his post at the White House since he was accused of systematically getting the attorneys general assigned to the Bush administration did not like. He is the man who refused to testify before a congressional committee by hiding behind the government’s immunity from prosecution.

This close friend of Bildt is known as a master of spin. He pulls the wires and twist around the gullible media as if they were puppets. For anyone with a brain bigger than a peanut, it seems grotesque that a serious politician would boast of having Rove as his close friend. It’s like a proud gardener would announce that he was buried toxic waste in their tulips.

Where is the evidence?
Expressen episode is laughable, but it is recognized that it demonstrates a certain roveskt touch (we have used the spin doctor’s tricks to fabricate a story and then “let the bastards deny it! ‘).

Expressen has not satisfied the WikiLeaks simple request: Publish the alleged WikiLeaks-memo in which guidelines may be established for the fictitious slander campaign. But Expressen refuses and will refuse the simple reason that the memo does not exist. And equally certain is it that they have no “inside source within the WikiLeaks.” They invoke source protection, but this excuse will not do. Sure, they can publish the alleged internal memo, while protecting their source. That’s what WikiLeaks and other media continually make.

Recent developments in Expressen’s preposterous tale of “WikiLeaks war against Sweden,” the claim that we spy on Swedish journalists. Again, no evidence had been provided – only a “secret source”.

Be so kind and listen now, journalists at Expressen, we have actually (as you may have noticed) important work to do, and we simply can not worry about your personal details. We deal not with your kind rännstensjournalistik. We are busy trying to make governments and corporations accountable.

But what came as a great and distressing surprise is that the other journalists actually seems to have taken Expresens Rove-spin seriously. This is deeply disturbing. But Swedish readers are well accustomed to Expressen’s fiction (the false allegations of Persbrandt, they fabricated the photos of the king’s alleged visits to sex clubs, etc.).

You may exhale – no war
WikiLeaks has absolutely no plans to bring “defamation of war” against Sweden. There is much to admire in Sweden. But all democracies need to adjudication, and our publisher Assange has been treated unfairly by some elements of the legal and political system in Sweden. These systems are also interdependent.

There are admirable laws in Sweden for the protection of journalists. These should not be misused to protect sloppy journalism. Malice is not a good practice in journalism. Our (only) inside source at Expressen have told the following to one of our employees: After the Express the other day public was ashamed at the press meeting on “the GI Files”, the magazine has internally declared war on WikiLeaks.

The only fight that Wikileaks is fighting on Swedish soil is a struggle for truth and transparency, accountability and justice. The struggle has no borders. We do this because it is our job as journalists.

Instead of fabricating stories about WikiLeaks, Expressen should devote himself to the happy addition to the royal family. Perhaps they should also reflect on the wise words of Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, the court’s previous CIO, used to describe Expressen: “This magazine has built sensations and scandals in his system, as a way to make money”, and “It’s More often than not, they make use of so-called reliable sources. Sources that are sometimes found only in the reporter’s head, or if they exist, are obviously unreliable. ”

I do not have much to add there, actually.

With warm greetings to the Swedish people,

Kristinn Hrafnsson, a spokesman for Wikileaks


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