WikiLeaks: That Was 1% of Our Cables

WikiLeaks has released 2,628 diplomatic cables that came from the US State Department, or a meager 1% of the 251,287 in its possession, despite Julian Assange’s repeated assurances to speed their release. But what’s unclear, notes the AP, is whether the most salacious revelations have already been released, or if WikiLeaks and its so-called media partners have had a chance to go through the enormous vault. Regardless, Assange says he’s getting new leaks all the time.

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One thought on “WikiLeaks: That Was 1% of Our Cables

  1. I presume mr. Satter from AP is quite aware that should there be deluge of information, the message it contains would lost its intended impact. As Assange said himself – they have learned the lesson from releasing all at once, as in case with Afgan Diaries.
    AP now may enjoy Palestine papers, it will be quite a discussion.

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