Wikileaks: no proof that Julian Assange encouraged leak

Investigators in the United States are believed to have failed to find evidence to support a prosecution of Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, for encouraging the leak of secret government documents.

Furious officials and congressmen have called for Mr Assange to be tried for “inducing” the disclosure of diplomatic cables by Bradley Manning, a US army private. Pte Manning, 23, is being held at a military base in Virginia on suspicion of leaking the official secrets, which have been reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Politicians including Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and prospective candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, have called for Mr Assange to be executed if convicted. Yet lawyers for the FBI and the US department of justice have not found evidence that Mr Assange told Pte Manning to hand WikiLeaks the files, according to reports.

They may be forced to try to prosecute the WikiLeaks chief for conspiracy, a case that would be harder to prove and at odds with their statements that Mr Assange took advantage of the young soldier.

It is thought the investigators found no evidence linking Mr Assange directly with Pte Manning. He has maintained that he had no communication with the soldier.

Mr Assange is in London fighting extradition to Sweden over unrelated allegations of sexual crimes, which he denies.


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2 thoughts on “Wikileaks: no proof that Julian Assange encouraged leak

  1. So, The US Secretly Invites A Number Of Other Countres Not to Support WikiLeaks?

    I think it is likely that many people have been paid, including OpenLeaks founder, to discredit WikiLeaks. This cannot be explained in a way other than that, because people who do something because they believe in it, just like Julian Assange obviously does (and I am sure about that, because I have read, cannot be bought by money; they would die for their ideals, whereas people like those who make OpenLeaks, might have been bought or forced through coercion by governments into writing about Julian Assange in a negative way. If countries have such an advanced technology of surveilance (insectocopter was there 40 years ago, one can only imagine what’s possible today), it is easy to imagine someone utilizing the same level of technological expertise applied to social engineering, and there is no doubt it was used… Because there is a high level of agreement and consensus between leaders of various countries and the richest people in the world (since if there weren’t, we wouldn’t see such a relatively high degree of peace in the world as we do today). It follows as a conclusion that the US secretly contacted a number of countries (including Australia, Sweden, UK, Germany) telling that this is a threat to each of the government’s power, and asking not to support WikiLeaks against the will of most of their citizens.

    Google chose the idea in their 10100 project among thousands of other ideas “To Make Governments More Transparent,” and they did that for a reason: gradually, we must achieve the Google’s vision:

    Having All The Information Universally Accessible and Useful.

  2. An idea: Make a website that documents the relationships of organizations and people opposing or attacking WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

    The website could look like a social networking website describing the players who are against Julian Assange, histories of their actions in the process, and it would be helpful for people to direct their defense efforts more accurately towards these individuals that intend to take Julian Assange.

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