Wikileaks irony

Wikileaks = truth, I believe that everything Julian Assange stands for is the truth, and now it seems hes been persecuted by pure speculation, I hear a different conspiracy theory everyday, To me the whole situation is so much more than Julian vs governments, it seems to be truth vs lies, and it seems to me like the governments are saying ” i know its lies, you people know its lies, but can you do anything, ummmmmm, NO” Just like playground bullies. I think Julian has given us the truth so many people wanted but the question is what are we going to do with it ?

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2 thoughts on “Wikileaks irony

  1. Julian Assange is the man of the hour – of the decade. He IS truth. You are absolutely correct.

    It’s not about Julian vs the Governments any longer – and it’s what he said. Information – such a powerful thing. It seems that information has become a stronger weapon than anything nuclear.

    If what Assange has done creates tyranny and chaos amongst citizens of various nations (and obviously within the governments) then so be it.

    You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. That’s how it goes.

    History teaches us things – but what we don’t learn in the American public education system, is that history cannot ever be censored.

    When you have such an estranged government that they need to lie and cover up things from their very people – SOMETHING IS WRONG. Change is needed at that point – and we’re not talking “Obamachange” either.

    Great post!

  2. something is very wrong, to much trust has been handed over, and as is often the case it has been abused beyond belief , i thing people forget that the governments are only people at the end of the day, and just as a criminal can be reformed a high standing member of governments can go bad, and much like the rotten apple n the fruit bowl it doesnt take long for the others to go bad either,thats why we need open and transparent governments , while they keep an eye on us whos keeping an eye on them ? Are they superbeings.

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