Wikileaks: Homeland Security invokes Patriot Act on Assange; seeks server data

Summary: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has invoked the Patriot Act on Wikileaks’ domain registrar, in a bid to access information on founder Julian Assange.

DNS hoster Dynadot has received a Patriot Act request by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to produce information held about WIkileaks founder Julian Assange, in a fully-fledged “espionage case”.

In a tweet by @wikileaks, the whistleblowing organisation confirmed the news.

The order seeks “all available information” on not only Assange, but Wikileaks also, held by the DNS hoster. The information will be handed to the U.S. grand jury in Alexandria, Virgina.

A Wikileaks press release has been issued:

“The Order demands Dynadot handover the following information for the time period November 1st 2009 to present, within three days of the date of the Order:

1. Subscriber names, user names, screen names, or other identities;

2. mailing addresses, residential addresses, business addresses, e-mail addresses, and other contact information;

3. connection records, or record of session times and durations;

4. length of service (including start date) and typos of service utilized;

5. telephone or instrument number or other subscriber number or identity; including any temporarily assigned network address; and

6. means and source of payment

Zack Whittaker  – August 25, 2011

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