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Thanks to everyone who sent in messages of support to Julian Assange, these were delivered yesterday to the Embassy and we hear that Julian is thankful to everyone. Find a great write up here at the wiseupaction site.

Here are the last messages we are able to post up:


Dear Julian

Well it’s now about two and a half years, that not a day has gone by without me thinking about the ramifications of Wikileaks, your courage, intelligence and combative energy and more recently the intelligence courage and humanity of your Mother. Take heart from how many thousands of other peoples lives you have joined like this. Know that you will occupy that place forever. That place is where hope exists. All this, on the strength of your belief in Truth. Words don’t suffice to express how amazing that is, but .. you know what I mean.

2 days ago I was at the first ever rally to support you and Brad. M. and W.L. held in Paris.

France can be a little bit hermetically sealed, and many French don’t feel the need to speak English, so where to start with this story is a challenge, but – we’re on the case.

There is a strong history of the English language being resisted here, they will not want any proof of that being a disadvantage… so that is the first step, unless someone can immediately translate everything ever written on the topic into French.

I met some great people. Clear energetic and focused. It was a huge plus to finally have offline people to talk with about this, and isn’t it all about linking very different people from every background into a common humanity guided by decency, kindness, moral accountability all the way to the top and TRUTH. ?

With continuing support I am focused on you enjoying a run in the sun, getting back into shape and renewing your energy to continue on your amazing life path.

with deep respect and love .   Lynne in France.   p.s. FFS stay safe. Xo




The mountain is huge but I think people are realising all over the UK that the USA/corporate power is dangerous and harmful. For some they are realising it intuitively first then having facts confirm it for them. You have made huge sacrifices and you will inspire others. From the Cambridge University Journal of International and Comparative Law.

Dear Julian.

The world is proud of you, I am proud of you because you are crazy enough to try to change the world!

And because you are (more than) intelligent enough to see how the system works, and because you are (more than) courageous enough to work against the system, and because you are so enduring to still not give up on yourself and give in to the system…

Things have to change and you sure have made a great big step towards it… You are writing history whether people want to see it or not…

And i love you for that…



Julian Assange promotes truth.  We have been taught to seek and respect truth all our lives. Mr. Assange should be supported in every way possible to deter greedy, power hungry elitists from overrunning lives of common people throughout the world.  I reside in New York City.  Here I hav met people from all over the world, interacting both professionally and personally.  Ecuadorians, have always been, in my experience, an honest and positive influence in the communities where they live.  I applaud the Ecuadorian govt, and people for their support of Mr. Assange and the ideals of truth, and justice.





Stay strong resilient and focused Bro because everything you do matters a great deal 4 the betterment of humanity and our world. You and WikiLeaks are the bright conscious light of journalistic truths, advocacy, energy and innovative new media for all people who believe in equality, community, human rights, justice, transparency and accountability for corrupt governments, greedy politicans and their mad corporate sponsored machinery everywhere. Millions of your supporters love and believe in you Julian, I am so glad to be one of them, my family and I are very proud of you, your work and your team, everyday we make sure people in our community know what corporate state imposed censorship is and the harm it does in the light of the persecution of yourself and wikileaks. More and more people are waking up and joining your supporters and the Wikileaks community. You and your mum are surrounded by much love, light and healing from a much higher advanced spiritual vibration. Thank you again and solidarity Julian.

Sprung from corruption / ‘bastards are made to be crushed’ .   = )

Regards Julian Bright Spark, from AdaV






i am a die hard fan of yours, a person with destiny, infallible, just couple of months only i am been reading wikileaks, wanted to support from the site but not only blocked but got suggestive threats, not for me alone but for family as well,  despite i still wants to support you and wikileaks, i wish you success n long life, i bought book written by u n hope royalty may go to your organisation(if its original), n trying my own amongst friends n circle about awareness for wikileaks – and its cyber warefare …………………………




At times, it may feel like the fight is not worth the effort you have to put forth, or as if the task is insurmountable and ceaseless. Unfortunately, this is because it is so. There are no Utopias, no end to human learning, and the only thing we can do is choose our direction. It is not the goal that becomes reality, but instead, the path we choose to reach that goal. Your path has been so hard to traverse because it’s contrary to the paths of a (systematically) competitive society. When you share something as valuable as truth, for free, you become hated by those who desire a monopoly on truth. Truth exposes the flaws of our institutions, and begs needed questions about our interpretations of reality, leading to the loss of power from those that bend institution to serve themselves.

You are smart and self-directed, following only the truth as you find it, questioning especially what has previously been taken as faith by the masses. You are connected to this group, humanity, and when you stray the group follows. Where are you headed, following truth? Into a world many fear to acknowledge, a closer approximation of reality. Not alone, but of your own accord, choosing your steps thoughtfully. You have others by your side, though their light may not be visible to you yet. As time moves on, their light will grow as they, too, discover knowledge/truth/reality. Do not feel that you walk alone in the darkness, but know that you are only at the forefront of humanities surge, which is the only place you ever wanted to be anyway.



While it’s fun to watch some of the Olympics on tv, there’s not really anything heroic about swimming 5/100ths of a second faster than the next guy (unless you’re drowning and that 5/100th is the difference between life and death), sticking a landing in gymnastics, or winning a shooting contest. Oscar Pistorius, and the other runner whose legs were shot, accomplished something extraordinary by participating, which will inspire some people to not give up and to set their goals high. However, there’s no way to know whether the people those runners inspire will use that inspiration to do something which will make the world a better place.


Julian Assange has done something to make the world a better place:

WikiLeaks means we can be better informed, people who are not politically, militarily or economically powerful have a voice (which they do not have via mainstream/conservative/corporate media), government/military/corporate crimes, corruption and lies can be exposed, and therefore future crimes, corruption and lies may be deterred, sources are protected by complete anonymity which wasn’t possible before, and people have a source of hope. All of this accomplished on a non-profit basis. By publishing complete (aka uncensored) source material of ethical, political and historical significance, WikiLeaks is not breaking the law, it is upholding rights contained in the US Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other legal instruments around the world. Julian and other members of WikiLeaks could have compromised with powerful institutions and individuals, by only publishing what those institutions and individuals consider acceptable for publication. That would defeat the whole purpose of WikiLeaks’ mission, which is Justice Through Transparency.


Ideally all journalists and journalistic organizations would operate as uncompromisingly as Assange and WikiLeaks. Journalists’ role, at least in the United States, is supposed to be speaking truth, including and especially about authority. Instead they have become shills for corporations, ceos, politicians and the military, airing “news” stories which are often produced by PR firms, or collaborated on by military members embedded in news departments or ex-military members who now work for defense contractors. Consolidation of media into fewer and bigger corporations has made the system very hard to penetrate with the truth. WikiLeaks would not be necessary if other journalists and journalistic organizations could and would do their jobs, on behalf of ordinary citizens instead of an extremely powerful minority.


Julian Assange should definitely be granted political asylum by Ecuador. He is in this situation for political/publishing/speech reasons. There is no way he would have a fair trial (possibly no trial at all, per NDAA) in the US. In addition to political asylum he should be physically protected, because sadly his life will probably still be in danger, once he is in Ecuador. Also he and WikiLeaks should be allowed to continue to publish without censorship.


Thank you Julian and WikiLeaks. Hoping you will have a long life, good health, freedom, the right to publish and speak, and the ability to spend time with family and friends.


The world needs you!



 Julian, you are an inspiration to many

The worlds needs you so don’t stop fighting for what you and so many others believe in!!!

Stay strong 🙂




Wikileaks has become our collective conscience, it strives to throw light on deep and dark pockets of our societies. Justice and prosperity no longer arrive through our institutions, and we are reduced to speak in predigested slogans, for complexity has been banished; free and news ideas, pushed to the margins of our world.


As Norman Finkelstein put it: “If you pursue truth and justice, it always means a diminution of power and privilege. If you pursue power and privilege, it will always be at the expense of truth and justice.”


But you know Julian: where the lights of Truth and Justice are brought, shadows disappear forever.

One can silence, distort, overshadow Knowledge, but no one can make ignorant he who thus knows.


And we know from now on that what we used to think it was impossible, you did it.


That’s why we are never going to give it up.






After knowing Wikileaks, we, my husband and I, thanked for the hope it gave us. In a world so artificial and produced it is very delightful to hear stories like Mr. Assange’s. We have two boys, 5 and 1 years old, we like to tell them that real heroes exist, that they do not have superpowers like at the TV, but they work everyday to help as many people as they can, they try to make the world a better place for everyone, like Julian Assange, , John Lennon, Gandhi, Mandela, Che Guevara, Aung San Suu Kyi and many others that we would spend much time writing… We just want to tell him and the world that we think someday Julian Assange will be recognized as a very important person of the History. We also hope he does not die in the hands of injustice and corruption.


Lia Drumond





Dear Mr. Assange:  I sent 1010 Euros to your legal defense fund.  I hope you are in receipt of the same.  Best regards,  Irene L. Kitchin, Moscow, Russian Federation



Keep crushing those bastards mate.

All the best.



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