Wikileaks, free speech and Assange’s message to Australia

Wikileaks has had a transformative effect on global politics and our attitudes to government power and responsibility. At this Melbourne event, headlined by an exclusive address to Australians by Julian Assange from the UK, some of the nation’s leading voices on free speech address the rise of Wikileaks and the legal issues faced by the organisisation and its leader, Julian Assange.
Speakers are (in order): Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s UK lawyer, from London by videolink; Julian Assange; Adam Bandt, Federal MP for Melbourne; Christopher Warren, Fed Sec, MEAA; Lizzie O’Shea, public interest solicitor; Peter Gordon, Principal of Gordon Legal. The event is chaired by Spencer Zifcak. BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne, February 2011.

Full video: Liberty Victoria WikiLeaks Voltaire Award speeches inc Julian Assange –

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