Wikileaks Forum Opens New Facebook Page

Visit the New Wikileaks Forum Facebook page here:


The Wikileaks Forum ( is an online discussion community operated by the non-profit media organization Wikileaks. Our aim is to create an open space for people to share their thoughts and ideas on Wikileaks and other topics.

The Wikileaks Forum is an opportunity for its users to stay informed on the progress and actions of the organization and to show their support. The forum stands for the values Wikileaks has defended since its creation, such as freedom of speech and information. Those values are the founding principles of this forum and define the rules we have set and ask the users to respect. Wikileaks believes freedom of speech and freedom of information are paths toward improving the world we live in and those should in no way be used as a pretext for racism, religious vilification, homophobia or any form of hatred.

Wikileaks aims at bringing transparency through the leaking of secret documents from governments, institutions and private companies. It does not stand as pro or against any government, institution or private company. While using this forum we ask you to respect those values. Users come from all over the world and have different backgrounds. We encourage constructive dialogues: this is not the place to express hatred and personal resentment. When posting always make sure that your words cannot be perceived as harmful or insulting to individuals.

Criticisms have to be addressed to policies, defined actions or governments and not to a country, a population or a culture.

Keep in mind when writing that someone across the border, from another religion or another ethnicity will read it.

Visit the New Wikileaks Forum Facebook page here:

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