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Thursday, November 17 2011

Flag design by Marcello Ferrada de Noli
Colours of Revolution and democratic, libertarian hopes

Important developments today regarding the Swedish case against the Wikileaks founder. In Sweden, News Agency TT announced that Julian Assange has changed his Swedish lawyer, replacing Björn Hurtig by Per E Samuelson and Thomas Ohlsson [1]. Hurtig declared to them “good luck”! The change of Julian Assange’s lawyers was communicated to the Courts today, according to TT [See English translation of the cable in Note 2, down below]. The developments were soon published also by Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet, Expressen, and SvD.

According to a cable from Stockholm by The Associated Press, Per E Samuelson, who has previously represented one of the four men behind file-sharing web site The Pirate Bay, “has been a critic of Sweden’s sex crime laws.” The cable adds that Samuelson had previously declared to The Associated Press that “(Sweden) has come to use ‘the designation rape in a way no other country uses it’.” [3]. The known Swedish Net-forum Flashback praises Assange’s choiceregarding the new lawyers and gives details of distinguished ethical and professional record.Meanwhile in Australia, Christine Assange,  adressing a meeting with PMs and Senators in Canberra,  took up a nodal issue about Wikileaks interaction with revolutionary change, a phenomenon that is both politically and technically bound. It is about a Cyber-vanguard alerting citizens exactly in an epoch and in a world-conjuncture screaming for new democratic answers. It reminds me the 68’s movement. In her words:

“We are at a crossroad in history here with democracy, 
where internet technology is intersecting with democracy.” 
“Which way are we going to go? Are we going to repress 
all the citizens of the world for speaking out?” [4]
Oppressed creatures in a world of political deception, understand now much better, through modern instantaneous cyber communication, that they share the same cultural fate, the same feeling of political despair, the same need to shout it out and claim justice and real democracy, now! No one is alone in this struggle.

They now understand that so-called secrecy in government, justified by so-called national interests, turned out being a simple cloak-and-dagger manoeuvring aimed gagging the emergent whistleblowing voice.

A flag leading this struggle is the anti-secrecy organization Wikileaks.

It helped vast contingents around the world star asking anew the validity of authority, on whether authority it should be equated with respect.They ask whether they should respect an authority which only abuses peoples’ rights and despises their trust. They ask anew about the meaning of State, the meaning of democracy, as once Lincoln did.And further, they ask how far has political government really gone in placing the public interests (and funds) under the economic and corporate profit and rule. They wonder what “financial crisis” of these days really represents. How come that the banks instead get richer, top government and political bureaucrats get investment and corporate involved, armies and police enforcers get stronger in legislation and weaponry?What the “free press”, both mainstream media and “free”-lance journalists in the establishment’s payroll, have got for assignments? How come those whole nations of people actually believed they were both the problem and cause of such crisis and thus they would have to accept their increasing impoverishment?

Alienation was the first target of this genuine Transparency Revolutionary Movement; To reinstall genuine democracy will be the next.
This struggle against the politically-based extradition of the Wikileaks founder – and the imperative claim for the liberation of Bradley and all honourable political prisoners – is the wind waving such cheerful colours – the WL flag – in a night of beleaguered political deception.
For this struggle is the categorically opposing of mass-manipulation with the arms of transparency; it is the single’s humble voice joining millions like her in a cyber cry for world justice.
EU sovereigns, NATO rulers, Vassal-organization and potentates from all latitudes, etc. are men and women just like you and me. Those in power are no gods.They rule only thanks to the passive support given by the people’s lack of political or ethical engagement. They rule with the help of their legislation just over a castle made of documents and papers and signatures.  Those can be written anew, and signed anew at the will of the people, after the transparency Revolution have made the wrongdoings accountable.
If people would just understand that, that in democracy, power should be in the citizens interests, the all individuals dreams, the collective needs, the real people’s opinions of what is ethical and what is health, what is “sin” and what is hypocrisy, what is joy and what is freedom. Humanity belongs to humans.Governments belong to the people, and it does exist to serve humanity, here and now. It is not that people exists to justify power or serve those in power. To accept this unethical, anti-natural rule, in which the vast majority of single individuals sacrifice their rights in favour of the ego-interests of those in power, is social masochism in its essence.

In that case we are returning to the medieval praxis of individual’s impotence based in oppressed ignorance. For government is not something alien, superior or supra-human, and democracy was supposed to be the political alienation’s antithesis.

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