Wikileaks Bring Winds of Change, even to Rural Zimbabwe

October 2nd, 2011

I visited my rural home to spend the weekend with my folks and while drinking the home brewed beer, appeasing our spirits, one old man shocked me when he asked about the Wikileaks which have hit our local news headlines.

“Young man from the city tells us more about these Wikileaks that we hear about every day on radio and read from the newspapers that you brought us”.

I had not realised that the cables had made such an impact on our society. And this got us talking about these cables, the main question is who is the biggest winner?

What is astonishing about the number of the cables on Zimbabwe is the fact that they outnumber those from Afghanistan and Pakistan which are at the centre of the fundamental war on terror.  This shows that something big has been going on in ZANU (PF) and all but a few want Mugabe to go, and agree he should have already done so by now, but he has been saved by cowardice within the party ranks.

The comment from my elder at my homestead was that the lesson from this is that the ZANU (PF) apologists’ public lies and grandstanding on praising Mugabe, are just public garbage that should be thrown away as we do with any other garbage.

We talked about what could be going on in Mugabe’s mind at the moment now that his own people have been running to His enemies?  I was able to give as much detail as I know to my homesteaders, revealing the shocking details  within the party and how party members had clandestinely met with antagonist.

While I and many in my home have not supported Mugabe since independence, I can tell you now that, the biggest winner from the cables is none other than the octogenarian dictator himself.   His prize is the truth.  Finally he is being hand the truth, it is now clear to him that all his so called trusted lieutenants want him to go and have only been siding with him in public to protect themselves.

As the winds of change can be felt let’s not forget how we survived violence and intimidation, braved the brutality of an entrenched dictatorship and kept our faith in democracy and non-violence, we braved brutal killings, arrests and torture and kept our eyes focused on the object of our mission of change and it’s time to say:

“Sokwanele, Zvakwana, Enough is enough – Mugabe must go NOW.

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