WikiLeaks bids to end credit card ban so it can start sending out confidential documents again

By Mail On Sunday Reporter, Last updated at 12:49 AM on 6th November 2011

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks will resume releasing confidential documents if it can end a bitter dispute with Europe’s biggest credit card company.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: The organisations lawyer has confirmed talks will take place

Talks between the controversial website and Visa Europe will take place at the Icelandic embassy in London on Wednesday.

WikiLeaks was forced to stop publishing documents last month because of financial problems resulting from credit card companies blocking supporters’ donations from being processed.

The financial embargo was triggered by concerns raised by the US Government that the releases had put lives at risk.

Iceland – with which WikiLeaks has business links – has taken a leading role in trying to end the blockade in Europe. Benedikt Jonsson, Iceland’s ambassador  in London, said: ‘We alerted both parties that the embassy would host a meeting if that could help solve the dispute.’

WikiLeaks lawyer Sveinn  Andri Sveinsson confirmed the meeting was taking place.

Visa Europe declined to discuss the meeting, but a spokesman said: ‘When a merchant wants to accept Visa payments, it must abide by our regulations and also the applicable laws in the country or countries where the cardholder and merchant are based.’

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