Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (aka WACA)


What it’s about

Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance (aka WACA) was created in response to the attacks on Wikileaks and its Australian founder, Julian Assange.

WACA recognises the Australian public and the global community, regardless of their independent judgement of Wikileaks’ mission, have responded with shock and concern to the systematic crackdown and extreme intimidation brought on Mr Assange and his organisation by governments and corporations.

We are now faced with many important revelations about the quality of our freedom of speech; access to information; whistleblower protection and the basic rights and protections afforded to us as Australian Citizens and global digital citizens. The Wikileaks/Assange narrative has ignited people around the globe in relation to these issues, however Australians share a singular and pivotal responsibility as we are the only citizenry who can directly demand the protection and lawful treatment of Julian Assange.

Given the significant role we have to play in this global movement WACA is dedicated to providing an open space for Australian citizens and the global community to source high quality information and participate in constructive dialogue and community action.

We invite all in our global community to join the alliance and contribute your perspective to this historical event and unfolding narrative, as the issues raised by the attacks on Wikileaks and Mr Assange have implications for us all.

The site will offer Australian and International coverage from a wide variety of mediums and perspectives; analysis from Australian and International specialists in Law, Journalism, Community Leadership, Politics and Academia as well as ready to use resources for community and political action.

WACA was founded by two Melbourne based Australian citizens, Kaz Cochrane & Sam Castro, both mothers with extensive experience in the not-for-profit and social campaigning fields.


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