Why Transparency Works

Any concerned parent knows that if they want to achieve successful communication efforts with their child/ren that honesty must be employed as much as one would not wish for fear of harmful repercussions.

There should be some thought put into the current situation with regard to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and what they are doing to break the shackles of non-transparency of worldly governments.  We should be concerned about what type of consequences this type of activity will entail.  There has been much speculation as to the harmful effects of this type of action on “innocent civilians,” made by United States governmental officials.  Many supporters of Julian’s cause – and Julian Assange himself – say that no damage has been done to anyone with regard to the release of those documents – four years running now.

When we look at this from a parent’s mind set – we can see that any parent who loves their child/ren will want a “win/win” outcome when it comes to communication and how their child/ren behave both in public and in private.  This is the same way that the goverments of the world should be viewing its citizens.  Instead, we have seen for some years now a want on the world’s governments for a “win/lose or lose/win” outcome.

When we look at the situation with open eyes, we can see a few things that are quite apparent:

1.)  When the government tells us one thing and does another – we become estranged from any incidents upon which we are able to judge and further vote for with regard to our government.  This inhibits us from making rational choices upon voting season.

2.)  Citizens end up paying taxes as loyal citizens, but those same taxes end up going towards things other than what we are told that they go for.

3.)  As a conclusion to the above sentiments – we then, as citizens, are enabling our government to do such things by financial means to innocent citizens (such as the incident that Manning released to Wikileaks).  This makes us all just as much a murder as our own military and government.  Those people were innocent civilians and it’s our tax money that we earned and paid as loyal citizens to the country we are in – that made it possible for those soldiers to kill those innocent civilians – and then laugh about it.

When a parent wants maximized results from their children, they do not run out in the streets doing harmful things to their neighborhood or town and then come home to cook breakfast in the morning and kiss their children off to school all the while telling them that they must be decent humans and get good grades in order to uphold the “law-abiding citizen” bit.  That’s just not how it works in the homes of those citizens who care about their children.  But this is what the parents of all nations are doing to their children…so why?

If a child goes out into society and commits a crime and the law holds them accountable and presents them in a court of law to be accountable and take consequences for their actions, then why should our nations not be subjected to the same thing?

Is it so wrong to hold our governments accountable for what they do so that in the future, they will be responsible (in the present tense) with everything they do, say, and tell others to do?

Maximum communication and non-transparency will lead to more responsible actions.  It is one thing to be a loner in the world with nobody to account to, but it is quite another when you are accountable for billions of people.  It’s time to stop this non-sense and begin with a proactive approach – and this is what Julian has done.

Support his cause – support yourself – and support the future.

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