Why Julian Assange should be nominated for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

During the recent years, the political and legal persecution of Julian Assange, has invaded the diverse mainstream media channels of the world. Many articles, have described him in different and despicable terms. Many people, have not only condemned him, but even suggested openly, to kill him. It is very difficult to understand the behavior of people around the world who feel themselves intimidated and threatened by people like Julian Assange. The disclosure of information, many of it related not only to various illegal activities, but even to activities that erode and violate the most fundamental principles of human dignity, represent something essential. For any objective and informed citizen, the disclosure of this information is not only important, but and imperative for creating open and transparent societies. For recovering the faith in considering that a better, more open, more transparent, and more fair world is possible.

During the recent years, the Nobel Prize for Peace, has been given to people with very different and diverse backgrounds. The most mainstreamed of it. The one awarded to Barack Obama, as president of the United States. It is difficult to know the reason by which the Nobel Prize for Peace is awarded. Sometimes this reason lies in political variables that fit in to a chronological context. Some other times this reasons lie in an objective and fair analysis of the contribution of people or organizations that have put in risk their lives, their integrity, and their names for doing what is the right thing to do. Many of these persons have been called terrorists, enemies of states, enemies of the establishment or criminals. At the end, their “weapons” are, their voices, their integrity, and the willingness of generate awareness of injustice around the globe.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have not only generate awareness about flagrant injustices around the world. They have even put into questions the structure of authorities in diverse countries. From Banks in Iceland to Corporations and Government officials in Kenya. From politicians in Peru to corporations and soldiers in Afganistan and Iraq. Wikileaks has contributed to make public outrageous injustices that otherwise would remain as “confidential” from corrupt political structures.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have put into immense risks their integrity, to allow the people of the world to know about the deep mechanisms of manipulation that government officials and mainstream media use against the willing of societies. Against the right of knowing the truth. Against structures of corruption and crime that operate under a label of legality.

Many people that today, in a shameful position, look for ways to affect Wikileaks and Julian Assange, are at the same time trying to hide unknown criminal activities. The contributions of Julian Assange and Wikileaks are not only a contribution for the citizens of the current era. Are contributions for the history of the world.

If someone, deserves, during the year 2012, to be nominated to the Nobel Prize for Peace. That is Julian Assange, and the staff of Wikileaks. They have confronted vast structures of institutional intimidation, to let the truth shine around the world.

December 10th, 2011


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