Why is Assange so hated, where he only exposed some truths about the government?

If the USA is committing war crimes and killing/torturing innocent people, then that must be uncovered. People has right to know the truth, the government should keep no secrets and this is basically what he did, expose the government. Did some troops and people were endangered? Could be I admit this part could have been taken with more caution, however would you have prefered if the government cover didnt got blown off?

What has he done wrong? He exposed Hillary as an asshole, he proved with actual evidence the corruption and crimes inside the US government. It is no different than a journalist a governor did a crime.

It is almost like if you didnt wanted to know, why? He only sad the truth, why shoot down the messanger? Instead shoot down the ones that make those truths auful, if you really hate those truths so much then work to turn them into lies by changing them, dont take down the one who put them on the able.

The guy has balls of iron


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