What’s at stake

For those who haven’t seen the Collateral Murder video, here it is

I saw this for the first time today, and I was outraged to say the least.  We’ve all heard the stories of military misconduct, every war ever fought is riddled with them, but I among other people wanted to still believe that these stories were false or exaggerated.  Well after watching civilians, including two children, gunned down as if they were sport I find it hard to support our government without wanting to know what the full story is.  Thats were I would like to thank Julian Assange for helping us see the truth.

Now suddenly, many in the U.S. government are labeling Assange doings as “treasonous” and “criminal”.  A true irony after viewing some of these cable leaks and seeing just what kind of dealings we are involved in, not to mention the sorry state other world-powers are in.  World leaders now have to face the reality that  the days of privately managing the world are over.  True freedom is not just the rights to do things, but should also be the right to know things as well.  And thats what we stand to loose if Assange and WikiLeak’s voice is silenced.  People have the right to know whats going on in this world, but our “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” leaders and self-serving, spin crazy media feel the need to spoon feed us the truth.  Make a stand, and let them know that the truth cannot be hidden anymore.

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One thought on “What’s at stake

  1. makes me feel sick to the stomach, in my mind that is terrorism, they wanted to kill them people so much, and yet they did their jobs correctly makes you thin k how much inhumanity it would take for them to be not doing their jobs,

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