What this Site is about

We would like to state that this site was made with the sole intention to rally support for Julian Assange who was arrested earlier this week. We will publish all articles that relate to Julian Assange and Wikileaks because we agree that freedom of speech isn’t debateable and certainly not punishable by imprisonment. In fighting for Julian Assange we are also upholding our constitutional right to freedom of speech and enjoy uncensored press.

We are not associated or affiliated with “Anonymous” or “Payback” , nor do we have any contact with any representatives of both groups. Everyone is accountable for their actions and although we dont applaud or condem their actions and we will publish any information given to us as long as it related to this sites causes.

To make it clear….as a website we are responsable for all the content published and like any other website we reserve the right to monitor all article submissions and refuse publication any posts with content we feel not suitable for the site.

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One thought on “What this Site is about

  1. We would not. for example, publish an advertisement by Senator Lieberman calling for the assasination of Julian Assange; not doing so is not censorship – it’s deciding that we don’t have to help him, or listen to him if we don’t want to.

    Freedom of information means freedom to read and say what you want – it doesn’t mean it’s compulsory.

    So spam advertising not related to Wikileaks?

    We don’t care about your taste in music, We all like what we like and we wont make you listen to it. Just don’t make us listen to yours if we choose not to..

    Webspace is free – if you’re into something else, create space and leave people free to choose to come to you – or not.

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