What Phoenix will Arise from the Ashes?

Do all of you know what is going on here?

The battle over Assange has morphed. IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT ASSANGE. It is now about the INTERNET.

The internet is the TOOL that is empowering citizens who have to date, felt the disenfranchised and the out of the processed. Via the internet – we are now getting news around the world unfiltered by the American Media. Not only that – but we are actually able to speak to people around the world who can VERIFY or REFUTE what news we are getting from around the world.

Human progress has always been driven by INFORMATION and the unfettered access to information. Assange has taken advantage of that in our new technological age – and is being treated much like Ellsberg who leaked, “The Pentagon Papers.”

The heavy hand of authoritarianism, the ELITE powerful and super WEALTHY, the latter – the power behind the thrones (so to speak), are trying to defame Assange as they tried to defame Ellsberg. They will NOT succeed. They will NOT shut down Wikileaks and it’s thousands of mirror sites.

In order to regain the control that they exercised over us and in order to force medication upon us – in order to make us inject that needle carrying opium back into our veins…the ONLY thing that they can do now is to shut down the internet and return us to our former complacent, disenfranchised, and pitiful status.

Attacking the internet with the intent of shutting it down or controlling it will sound the death knell for the elite, powerful, and super wealthy.

Corporatism will FALL. Incumbancy will be the KISS OF DEATH. But the corporatist cannot help himself. He are ARROGANT and drunk on their own power – power that he’s held for so long now. They will incompetently attack the internet – all the while mouthing protestations of liberty and the only people that they will FOOL is THEMSELVES. They will find themselves on the streets picking up cigarette butts out of the gutter.

Authoritarianism only knows force and attack. It is limited, neandrotholic, and self-destructive. We will watch it SELF DESTRUCT.

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