What “Lies” Behind Media: An American’s Perspective

America has essentially been at war since 1941.  It is easy to justify lapses in Constitutional integrity during war.  And we are now indeed facing a war – one that is being fought for our freedom of expression – our right to truth – and our right to transparency within our world governments.  We can cite the present emergency as a reason to temporarily over-ride the Constitution of the United States.  Lincoln did this during the civil war where he suspended Habeas Corpus, Woodrow Wilson did it when he had federal troops running amuck throughout the Soviet Union, and FDR did it during World War II where  troops began putting Japanese-Americans (Legal US Citizens) in internment camps because of their ethnicity.

Because we have been in a perpetual state of war since 1941 and because truth is the first casualty of war, we have had our information censored because we don’t have a need to know – but the up shot of that is: we don’t know what our government is doing and furthermore, it is our name as Americans that are being tarnished by way of what we don’t know what our government is doing.  Recently, the Pentagon has banned journalists with the “Stars and Stripes Newspaper” from learning or reading about the diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks.  This means that our military serving abroad are deprived of knowledge that they have a right to know.  That is, once again – government censorship and truth as casualty.  However, the newspaper’s published in the various countries that our servicemen and women are stationed at do carry or will carry this information.  This is an incredible turn of events for the government that was once founded on notions of free press and liberty…and is once again showing the need for people like Assange to rise to our consciousness.  Below is the “about page” of the publication, “The Stars and Stripes.”

Stars and Stripes publishes a daily newspaper for the military community of the U.S. Department of Defense. It also provides independent news and information via the Web (www.Stripes.com) and offers free downloads of its five daily editions (epaper.stripes.com).

Unique among the many military publications, Stars and Stripes operates as a First Amendment media organization, free of outside control and censorship. The paper has published continuously in Europe since 1942, and since 1945 in the Pacific. In those two theaters, print readers number around 100,000.

Stars and Stripes continues its tradition of reporting from alongside our military service members. During every conflict, from Korea to Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and now in Iraq and Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes reporters have been witness to their courage and sacrifice. When the war in Iraq began, Stars and Stripes immediately shipped papers into the war zone from Germany. By April 2003, a separate Mideast edition was being printed in Baghdad. Today, four or five Stars and Stripes reporters are embedded downrange at any given time.

Stars and Stripes maintains bureaus in Europe, Pacific and the Middle East to provide first-hand reporting on military news and events in those theaters. In addition to news and sports, the newspaper contains all the elements of the hometown paper that service members left behind, from “Dear Abby” to coupons, comics and Sudoku. Stars and Stripes publishes five daily editions (Mideast, Europe, Japan, Korea and Okinawa) and several weeklies, including Stripes UK and a U.S. Edition.

The Mideast edition is distributed at no charge to downrange service members. Elsewhere, the newspaper is available for sale at coin box and military exchange locations. Home delivery is available on many military bases in England, Germany, Guam, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Spain.

It would seem that currently – we are undergoing a repeat of history with our current war – the war mentioned above.  The war, that we are all having to endure, and the war in which we all have found ourselves enlisting into to defend our  innate rights.

This paper – “The Stars and Stripes,” as mentioned above has complete editorial autonomy and is journalists are guaranteed the freedom of free press.  The paranoia that pervades the pentagon is exceeding it’s Constitutional bounds by demanding that the editorial staff of this publication not inform the American public – servicemen and women – of what they have a right to know about.

Not only does this disreputable action on the part of the Pentagon make a mockery of the Constitution, but it also shows the depths to which America has fallen when Americans have to get valid news sources from abroad because of censorship here at home.  We have fallen far indeed.

A continual state of war seems to be the desire of those in power and/or authority in America.  It is under this guise of perpetual state of war that our media can be controlled, our population lied to and deceived, and our names as citizens of The United States be drug through the mud as we careen towards totalitarianism.  Can anyone then doubt the timeliness of Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

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