What has 9/11 and the inception of Wikileaks in common?

Both events formed our perception. Events with consequences. What is Wikileaks doing? This non profit organization publishes information in the internet to make it worldwide available to everybody. Wikileaks does not invent stories or lies. Wikileaks leaks out the truth like that of killing innocent civilians in Baghdad.

Neither the U.S. Military nor it’s partners like those disclosures because they don’t like people to know the truth about their murder and destruction. No surprise than that these Military personnel calls this a  ‘danger to national security’. What exactly endangers the national security of the USA?

Taxpaying people because now they are informed of their countries governmental and military actions? Would the USA be safer if it’s citizen knew less about what their taxes are being used for? If they don’t know about the crimes their government staff commits around the globe? And who decides what the citizens should know and what not? Who owns the information in the first place?

Those state agencies that collected them or those who funded them (taxpayers).  Is it morally reprehensible to tell citizens the truth about their Governments conduct and how they treat each other on the international scene?

Today independent journalism only exists in the internet and Wikileaks is part of the internet, everywhere and nowhere in a superglobal sense. This kind of structure isn’t new, globally operating Banks function much in the same way and most Governments never seemed to have a problem with that kind of structure so far. So why should Wikileaks all of a sudden be measured by double standards?

The financial cartels were only able to become as powerful as they are today because these corrupt Governments allowed them to disable individual nations. Why do Governments always react so bitter when it’s taxpaying citizens find out what they are really up to? And what is truly behind those diplomatic games they play behind closed doors.

Citizens reading those cables not only start to mistrust their representatives, but the entire official statements given and this will lead the people to ask the political class many annoying questions about their true intentions. Such well informed people will not go along with agenda. So when diverse memo’s of certain arab fractions and the americans state that they wish nothing more than to launch an attack on Iran it will not come to a surprise to anyone when tomorow the mass media is going to tell us that we have to ‘prepare’ to liberate the people of Iran in the name of Freedom because they are mainly in the way of US. interests..LOL.

In the classical days of media propaganda everything was easy as long as the public didn’t know the truth. Wikileaks only clarifies what most of us suspected for a long time: global politics and diplomacy follows only one goal and that’s surely not world peace but a global grip on the world population to maximize profits for the minority of the global elite.

Germany is a good example of a United States vassal district, those who sell are wrong and those who buy are right and America buys 50% of all German products, so Germany has to shut up and send troops to Afghanistan or get’s kicked in the guts until it get’s the message and follows up on the orders. Obama has already done more damage to journalism than Bush in 8 years. Is that the change he once spoke of? Freedom of speech has become too dangerous for the U.S. Government.

The U.S. Government does not reside in the White House, since Vietnam it sits in the Pentagon and there they discuss 24/7 ,why of all things – most of the U.S. oil happen to lie under Arabian sands…LOL. Wikileaks exposes this mentality and pushes global action into transparency. But the funny part is that it is the internet that makes all of this possible, the tool that was originally developed by the U.S. military to reduce their response time and coordinate attacks in times of war.

Wikileaks beats the military with it’s own weapon. Wikileaks is millions of people sharing a vision and are working together. This is democracy.

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