What Gives You The Right Mr. Assange?

What gives you the right, Mr. Assange – to ensure that the people are given the truth about what their governments are doing and saying?  What gives you the right to inflict integrity upon the people of the world?  What gives you the right to make authority figures accountable for their actions and words?

If we should be making public statements about anything related to Julian Assange – it should be these questions.  I am willing to bet that the answers you get will be noted in history for the next 10,000 years.

Julian Assange has created an atmosphere different from any other atmosphere that humans have ever encountered.  There is now a way for people to stop guessing about things that we hear whispered in our ears.  It’s called, “The Internet.”

When we are ruled under a government – regardless of political ideology – we hav every right to know what they are doing.  It should be an open book policy, and in many countries it is – except that rule seems to be only given as ear candy.  Hardly ever does a political authority say and do the same thing.  Nobody is ever on the same page these days.

When you are a political leader – you can still have a private life, but when your private life interferes with the public’s right to know – you can hardly say that someone should be killed over exposing it to the public.

What we have come to in life – is nothing like what a democracy should be.  What we have been living is – is a feudal system based on information.  Some people are given certain “authority” to know certain types of information and others are just plain left in the dark – however, everyone is required to pay taxes.

So again – what right do you have, Mr. Assange – to inflict this type of change on the world?  My answer?  EVERY RIGHT.

Support Julian in Oppressing this feudal system of information and allow the internet and world to remain free!

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  1. I like your analogy of “living in a feudal system based on information.” Expound on it. Thanks.

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