Julian and his Wikileaks folk are the Pioneers, the Trailblazers. M. Vickers. Uk.ze

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nobel Prize for Julian Assange

Julian is trying to tell very important truths.
These help all the world’s folk to correct un-truths,
And to be better informed about matters that
Intimately affect them.

Julian is the very sharp spear-head of the
Vanguard that is undertaking the first steps
Helping us to move away from our
Early stage of savage infancy.

Julian gives us serious hope that
Humankind is on the road to a
Gradually maturing childhood-
The frontal lobe of the brain of humankind
Is showing promising signs of development.

It is cybernetics, the Internet and instantaneous
World-wide, 24/7 communication that has
Opened the instrumental door.

Julian is showing us how we can
Learn and grow from facts
We have not been told, or
>From which the fiction
Has been removed.

Julian is the Henry the Navigator,
The Christopher Columbus,
Perhaps the Galileo,
The Copernicus
Of this present day.

Julian and his Wikileaks folk are the
Pioneers, the Trailblazers, who are
Directing beams of bright light
Down the avenue of the
Future on which we are
At the moment, traveling
-And at swift pace.

Michael Vickers
Sussex,  UK

Read more: http://dialogueseriesnew.blogspot.com/2012/01/usa-africa-dialogue-series-julian.html


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