Two Swedes were offered Assange-cover (Google Translate)

Two representatives of the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office was invited to attend the extradition proceedings conducted against Wikileaksgrundaren Assange in London under the guise of law students, reports TV4.

It’s an email conversation between the British prosecutor and the Swedish prosecutor who reveal the intended guise.

Marianne Ny is the prosecutor in charge of the Swedish investigation against Assange. She did not participate in the extradition negotiations, as this could be perceived that she was trying to influence a decision.

Karin Rosander, the Authority’s communications director wanted to go, however, and wondered if she could travel for educational purposes, without any thought that she went on behalf of the Swedish prosecutor.

E-mail Conversation

A strange image conjured up in conversation between the two authorities. The British side offered the two women to go to England because they could be presented as two young law students passing through. On the way the press would not be able to ask them questions, reports TV4.

– I was a little surprised. I was definitely not planning on going in any guise. However, I was anxious not to be afflicted by the media, says Karin Rosander told TV4.

After discussion with colleagues, they came to the conclusion that she still could be recognized and therefore chose not to go.

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