Trophy Photo

Anna Ardin took a trophy photo of a naked Assange laying in her bed, according to “The Australian.”

The radical feminist utopia of Sweden under Queen Lisbeth Salander says that if a woman doesn’t have multiple orgasms during hetero sex, the man can be charged with rape.

In 2006 six people were convicted of rape though almost 4,000 people were reported” -MP and chairwoman of Social Democratic Women in Sweden
They endorsed Amnesty International’s call for an independent inquiry to examine the rape cases that had been closed and the quality of the original investigations.

All of the above represent fact. It would seem that I would support an investigation into the Radical Feminist Empire of Sweden and their sexual crime’s laws.  I would also support an investigation into similar cases as Assange vs Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen in the past.

If any country claims that it is a man’s duty to please the female, and should that female not be pleased – the man can be charged with rape – is a country that needs to be brought to it’s knees, or at least to have the feminism toned down.

Feminism is dead.  There is no such thing as feminism any longer.  The notions of feminism are that women don’t need men, except when they…..

Need their groceries carried

When they want orgasm

When they need an agenda carried out

When they can’t lift something

When they don’t wish to go out in the cold weather to get shopping supplies


Feminism is dead.  What we have left, is pseudo-feminism where in the world of “feminism” nobody really knows what they want.  They want to have equal rights but at the same time, they want to control those equal rights.  They don’t want anything else.  Some feminists even claim that they will not stop until even the men in political power call themselves feminists.

So what does this say about Julian Assange and the accusations being brought forth against him?  It says that he should have never went to Feminist Utopia in the first place.

Anna Ardin – radical feminist invited Assange to stay at her home.  After the “incident” she threw a party for him and also convinced him to stay for the whole week.  Assange stayed there for another week – “after” the incident.

Sounds like a rape victim to me – how about you?  Yes – I’m talking about Julian being the rape victim, not Anna.

After Ardin went to police, she tried desperately to take down the Tweets that would prove Julian’s innocense, took down her incriminating blog entry about how to exact revenge on men, and fled the country.

Radical feminism isn’t the way in which people should support equal rights for women.  It has become a circus and unfortunately, a man that is trying to change the world for the better, has been caught in the middle of the clown act.

So what do you think all of this is going to do for Julian Assange?  Feminism?  Civil Rights movements in the future?

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