Tissue Paper Allegations against Assange

Assange has been charged with causing diplomatic damage between nations and according to The Guardian, Obama had called Turkey’s Prime minister on Saturday to “soothe” relations caused by Wikileaks.

Hypocritical to Obama’s want to “soothe,” Turkey’s Prime minister stated that there was no diplomatic damage and what amounts to gossip will not harm US/Turkey diplomatic relations.

What a slap in the face to Barrack Obama when his mission is to be the peacekeeper of the world and comfort those “affected” by Assange’s apparent nefarious attempts to harm diplomatic relations! Turkey’s Prime Minister tells Obama that isn’t the case.

Rest assured that the United States is out to avenge their bruised egos as the rest of the world chuckles and moves on awaiting the newest daily news from The Guardian and other media sources about the cables.

Will there be more tissue paper allegations, America?


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