The battle for freedom of information has begun. Julian Assange has spilled the guts of certain governmental beasts that have kept us suspended in a sick social political experiment for far too long. I feel the sunlight on my skin. Enlightenment sinking in. But the battle is not won, and our next adversary is right there when we wake up in our beds. It follows us to work and is already there waiting when we get home. The media industry distracts and pacifies, while our heads are pumped full of shit. Advertising, gossip, lies and other pre-packaged and tailor-made commercial news agendas maintain a vice-like grip on our reality. Brains are turning to liquid as our arses are melting into the couch.

On governments, the truth is out. But on humanity, I feel the truth is yet to be seen. Can we climb out of this black hole we’ve been kept in? Regain our autonomy and our assertive minds, and put an end to repeated and intentional abuses of power? United?

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