There Was Never A Better Time

When we look back in American History – especially in the 60’s – we can see that people from across the nation revolted against things they didn’t agree with – namely war.  There was an explosion of music and art out of the music and art industry protesting against Vietnam and other things.  Protests happened, especially at prominent Universities.  All of this quickly died because the government was too strong.  Military personal ended up shooting youth and the cause for the end of violence was laid to rest – or at least harnessed.  People began realizing that change is not brought about by protesting and being violent.  They found out that the way to bring about change is to simply become part of the government – and they did.  They began filling government positions and working internally instead of externally.

That was yesteryear.  Today, we are seeing a new trend emerging.  People are still protesting, but better than that – they are protesting online in non-violent ways.  People are letting their voices be heard in cyberland.  Information, as we’ve all found out, is more dangerous than physical weapons…more dangerous than nuclear warfare.  Information has always been dangerous – however – we are in the information age.  This is it folks.  Information is a way of life for all of us.  It is nearly impossible to live in today’s world without some type of information technology readily available to us.  We have digital money…we have the internet.  We have ipods, LCD screen, messengers..blogs, forums..etc.

It would seem that the government would take caution against pepole like you and I having access to other people at the click of a key – across the world in seconds.  We are no longer being forced to rely on people to ‘crack codes,’ to spread information across the world in a matter of seconds.  Anyone in the world who has access to the internet can find a way to ensure that information is being spread.

Not only  is this fascinating, as Spock would say, but it’s extremely important to Julian Assange and Wikileaks’s mission: Transparency.  Foreign relations is now having to step back and realize that the lies are no longer so secret – and that keeping a secret in this day and age is virtually impossible.  Corruption, Lies, Dirty Dealing, Gossip – it’s all going to come out somehow and somewhere.  If the media isn’t on top of it, then the people are – and that includes Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  If Wikileaks were to ever be brought down, another would come up in it’s place.  There are so many people out there right now who are sick and tired of the lies…the corruption…the deceit…the power hungriness of governments – that there is no stopping it now.

I believe that people are just fed up with all of it and it’s the same as going out on a battlefield and dying for your country, to do what Julian Assange and Wikileaks have done.  The only difference, is that blood is not being spilled in cyberland.  We are protesting and supporting a cause – a very important cause – and yet there are no cyber police here to reign down on us with guns and metal bars.  The internet is the last free frontier – and fortunately, it’s a place where no blood can be spilled.  It’s out in the real world where blood is spilled.

The group called, “Anonymous” is an army.  They are a cyber army.  They do not support the blood-shed type of war.  They are a non-violent army.  They attack people in the middle of the information age.  Will this be a continuing trend?  Will this be the next form of warfare?  Will cyber attacking be the new way to keep our loved ones safe?

They say that hacking is illegal.  They say that those who are a part of Anonymous are criminals – hactivists.  From what I see – they have not killed anyone, and they do not have blood on their hands like so many governments do now and throughout history.  What will come of all this information being spilled out onto our laps?  Will cyber attacking become the new way for people who are un-armed…people who have children and do not want to die…to exact their wants upon world governments and corporations who bulge their ways into our banks and take all of our money?

This is indeed a phenomena that needs to be researched.  Because the people have now gained the upper hand, more damaging ways will emerge to fight back against corruption and it seems that cyberland is the place where it will all go down.  No corporation in their right mind can go back to paper and pen and filing cabinets.  Information Technology is the only way in which they can compete with each other – and the people hold all of their fate in our hands.

Will the 60’s regain popularity through cyberland?  Will change continued to be upheld through cyberland?  I support warfare online where there is no blood shed.  If there must be war…let it be online where we don’t have to lose our children to guns and nuclear weapons.  Lets save our world – and if there must be war – let it be done in cyberland where it’s not hurting our environment.

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