The Zimbabwean Shuffle: Slandering Us All

Christopher Albon – a writer for “The Atlantic” wraps himself in the American Flag but is a shill for tyranny.  Claiming himself to be proudly American with a drawer full of degrees, he slams American Democratic Ideology using Zimbabwe as his catalyst to cheaply slander Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

People all over the world are now confused and the record is going to be put straight right here.

There are a few facts that are being omitted when it comes to the notion of Zimbabwe’s democratic movement being stunted due to the release of some diplomatic cables by Wikileaks.

Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister, had admitted in some diplomatic cables that although he was showing the democratic face to those supporters in Zimbabwe, his personal support for it was a bit different.  When those that support democracy found out that their fearless leader didn’t personally support democracy after the cable was released by Wikileaks – confusion and chaos began to reign.  Nonetheless, instead of blaming Mr. Tsvangirai for his unethical approach to politics, people are blaming Wikileaks for disrupting the steady flow towards democracy in Zimbabwe.

This trend of blame towards Wikileaks and Julian Assange needs to cease.  Truth will never cause unjust damage.  Truth may cause just damage – and it’s supposed to, however, in this instance and many others – the only damage that resulted was that a lie had been exposed and the people became acquainted with the truth.  The old saying goes, “The Truth Hurts.”  And indeed it does.

In his gut wrenching and dramatic article for The Atlantic, Christopher Albon details how Wikileaks cable releases have set back democracy in Zimbabwe.  Eloquent cherry picked words and verbiage that degrades the truth-releasing organization Wikileaks, Albon uses rhetoric in an attempt to sway readers away from supporting Wikileaks.  He says, “Any damage to democratic reforms from WikiLeaks likely comes not from malice but naivety.”  Shortly after that he continues to say, “Rather, [Julian Assange], his organization, and their activist supporters believe that they can promote democracy by making an enemy of secrecy itself.”  Only a fool would believe that the entire world wants democracy – especially after seeing how a democracy will turn out after years of effort. Wikileaks is not out to spread democracy.  It’s out to support transparency within all governments as they exist at present.

Comments following the article indicate that Albon’s disillusioned rant against Wikileaks simply did not trump reality and the support for Wikileaks remains unmoved.

Regardless of the cable’s release to the public – the fact remains that Morgan Tsvangirai is the one that set back democracy in Zimbabwe and nobody else.  Tsvangirai’s own of a lack of confidence in democratic principles caused the damage. Wikileaks did not force him to hold opposing views about democracy with regard to his personal and professional “faces,” and neither did Wikileaks force him to act on his lack of faith in democratic principles.  He alone did that and at some point, if his personal views opposed the views he gave his “supporters”  and continued to stay that way – the truth would have found a way to emerge.  It was just easier for someone to blame Wikileaks – ultimately enabling a man with unethical political strategies to continue not taking responsibility for himself or his actions and beliefs.

Apparently, the world has not caught on to Wikileaks lesson to us all.  Truth should never be veiled.  When truth is veiled – people in positions of power cannot take responsibility nor can they be accountable for things that they do.  This is paramount.  Anyone who assumes the role of authority must be accountable for what they do, say, and think and they must be responsible for it.  This blame flinging game needs to stop.

Wikileaks is not without responsibility either.  The release of this cable has placed some responsibility on it’s shoulders.  Wikileaks is responsible for showing once again that politicians cannot be trusted currently, that they do in fact have hidden agendas, and if the public is willing – Wikileaks is responsible for inciting renewed debates about the efficacy and viability of democratic principles, strategies, and it’s role in Zimbabwe.  One thing is clear here – that truth is essential to democracy.  I think that’s very obvious.  In Albon’s statement where he painted Wikileaks putting secrecy and democracy in the ring at opposite corners of each other – he proved himself a liar and is showing his own naivety concerning what a democracy is and what it takes to uphold such an ideology.  This is a rather morbid thought coming from someone who holds American Citizen status.

So why is the American Government trying to suppress truth?

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