The Toll of Accusation

Julian Assange was interviewed by ABC yesterday which ended up with Julian walking off the set after being questioned about the accusations of sexual coercion against him.  He seemed to be quite emotional and it’s apparent that this newest legal battle that Assange is experiencing is taking a toll on the man who’s sacrificed it all for truth.

Julian has been under much pressure lately from everyone he comes into contact with.  It is now that he needs our support.  It is now that he needs to be able to see that there are thousands upon thousands of people in the world who support him, Wikileaks, and the dream that they both have for their mission.

Julian announced that his life is under threat, while the rest of the world sits and listens.  He goes on to say that there are significant risks surrounding himself and his staff.  Julian further announced that the accusations against him from Sweden are a “travesty” and said that no one should have to undergo that type of abuse from the justice system.

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