The Strange Case of Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Kristinn Hrafnsson has confirmed that Wikleaks will indeed sue Daniel Domscheit-Berg he having stolen files in concert with the ‘Architect’, and their behavior; in my opinion, was not only highly improper; it was criminal. If a person doesn’t agree with how a company operates they are free to leave; however you don’t get to trash the office or steal files on your way out; unless of course you are prepared to go to jail and be held responsible for reimbursing the company for damages. The “I didn’t like the way the boss was managing the company.” will not serve as a defense for malicious sabotage and theft; except perhaps within Daniel’s own fantasy world.

Domscheit-Berg’s story line simply doesn’t check out and indeed he is doing exactly what the CIA and Bank of America want him to do. Many people are fast coming to the conclusion that he is an agent working for an intelligence agency, perhaps the BND, (Bundesnac­hrichtendi­enst) the German secret police. The Bank of America hires three security firms to try and discredit/sabotage Wikileaks and Domscheit-Berg would have us believe that there is nothing of consequence in the Bank of America data files. Obviously Bank of America executives don’t share his opinion. How would Daniel know how damaging that material is; he not being an accountant?

Files disappeared from Wikileaks, stolen by Domscheit-Berg, and he claims that he won’t publish them; suggesting perhaps that he stole them that they be not published. Domscheit-Berg maintained that the Wikileaks’ war logs releases were done after an irresponsible manner; which is the song and dance put out by the American government; which even they had to admit was false; there being no evidence that anyone came to harm due to any failure to redact names. And he would have us believe that instigating internal strife, trashing offices, and stealing files is responsible behavior? OpenLeaks is a scam, a ruse, a loincloth, designed to cover Daniel’s butt!

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  1. In this video poem (“Surviving the Singularity” by Paul Budnik) is described something what I think is the appropriate context for considering the importance of what Wikileaks does.

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