The Star Wars fan world can be reached to help

Well Hello there,Some may think this foolish but it occured to me that many of the friends who are SW fans like me find this movement of wikileaks important to freedom of speech and I seek and hope to reach to them and spread the message.

Am new to this site and would like to help support WL and JA.

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2 thoughts on “The Star Wars fan world can be reached to help

  1. Indeed Admin. Whilst I may be out of my mind here I do believe that a large % of SW fans know from the films the moral tale of what it is to be mislead by a secretive govt to a point where it’s too late and then a rebellion needed to occur.

    George Lucas the creator of Star Wars has mentioned many times in interview how he drew on the history of pre-WWII Germany and the Rise of Adolf Hitler as well as the Rise of the Roman Emperors to fashion his tale.

    In the Prequel trilogy this is shown in the ways that politicians were bribed,cajoled and threatened to go along to allow the transition from a democratic republic to a dictatorship.

    In our world the many corporate interests as well as government institutiuons fear transparency and freedom of information (unless it’s their censored version of same) so as to not reveal their dealings.

    Many men and women before Julian Assange have championed true freedom and transparency but have been killed,silenced or defamed so as to keep the message supressed.

    The digital age is more powerful than the govts realise and the internet is now the sharpest point of a sword to pierce into the dark places where officialdom wants no one to look.

    Also it is a shield where those with information can come under it and offer their knowledge and expose corruption,misconduct and collusion.

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