The Saga Continues

Julian Assange upheld his support of British justice and was granted bail by the London Court. Julian will still have to appear once again at the London Court on January 11, 2011 and the full extradition hearing will commence and conclude (more than likely) on February 7, 2011.

For now – Julian will most likely take a shower and perhaps eat a nice meal with a gathering of his closest peers. He will rest in comfort knowing that he is once again a free (and innocent) man.

There remains that leery feeling deep down in all of our souls however, of what the United States is planning to do. Their case is yet unknown and there is much speculation as to whether or not they will expound on any type of espionage or conspiring with the enemy witch hunts that have been circulating in and out of the media for the past month.

What it must be like to be Julian’s mother at this moment. To hug her son without the shackles of justice attempting to break them apart must be the most amazing feeling in the world. My heart bleeds for the woman – and for Julian.

From The Guardian Live Blog:

3.18pm “I can’t wait to see my son and hold him close,” Julian’s mother, Christine, said outside the court.

Once again, Julian can step to his Mobius Bell and ring it loudly and proudly – showing that not all justice systems have failed, and we are now presented with an ultimatum. Do we continue the conspiracy theory that all governments are corrupt or do we allow for the grey area in between the black and white to emerge? Will we accept this new inspiration or will we throw it under the bus?

From The Guardian Live Blog:

1.17pm: Luke Harding said: “Julian Assange has just been granted conditional bail. Mr Justice Ouseley is tweaking conditions at the moment. He did raise some concern about Assange’s supporters suggesting that there was a possibility that this was a gesture of support rather than anything more meaningful. But in the end he did endorse the decision of Westminster magistrates court. I would expect him to be freed – whether that will take hours or a little longer, he will be out.”

Julian will be staying in Suffolk in Ellingham Hall – a Georgian Mansion.

The sad fact remains, however, that Julian is still not a completely free man.  He will be wearing a tag and must obey strict conditions set by the London Court.  Furthermore, Julian will essentially be living in a world full of media and security which is not necesarily something that he is un-used to.

What this single man has done for the country far surpasses anything in recent history – let alone historical history.  He has forged a new path for citizens like you and I and it’s time that the restructuring of the world’s mindset takes hold.  If Julian has one message to the world – it’s not that we should over throw governments, but rather support them in transparency and honesty – in more ethical manners.  The general tone of the past ten years has been one of misery and anguish and at the time of need, the world produced a hero…a hero with a a heart and a strong drive to free society of the shackles that evolution and power has bestowed upon us.

Conditions on bail are currently under discussion and will be posted as soon as we know something.

On a side note, from Chan4:

As he left the court, novelist Tariq Ali said Assange smiled as he was told he would be released on bail. He said: “The atmosphere in court was one of general relief and smiles all around, apart from on the faces of the prosecution.”


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