The Ramifications of Making Assange a Martyr

If we remember history – and myth, we know that not only are they both meant to be learned from, but they are also to be used as caution signs for decision making.

In Greek Mythology, Hercules battled the Hydra.  Everytime he’d lop off a head – three more would grow back.  He finally prevailed by holding the beast overhead so that it could not ground to Earth – to rejuvenate.

Much like the Hydra, with Assange in jail or facing persecution – thousands of mirror sites with Wikileaks information have sprung forth worldwide.  It’s one thing to attack a man in isolation, but it is quite another to attack somebody who has a strong following of like-minded individuals who are also angry and computer savvy.

With a growing number of supporters worldwide, Assange sits in jail awaiting yet another denial of bail – and like sheep, many people believe that this has solved the problem of information flow.  There have been desperate attempts along pathetic lines to cease financial help to the Wikileaks foundation by Mastercard, Visa Europe, PayPal, Amazon,…etc.  It’s seems as though the world has come to fight the Hydra with a liberal minded strategy of consensus.

As history will show – consensus does not work against information.  Once the bell has been rung – it cannot be un-rung and as for Wikileaks, the bell continues to toll.  The sound of the truth echoes across the world like that 1000 pound elephant that has been dropped on everyone’s tea party.

Assange is brilliant and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  As the old saying goes – you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.  Damage?  There is no damage unless you are one of those who lied, who deceived your nation, and engaged in espionage yourself by lying through omission.

Authoritarianism relies on force to get her way and seldom considers the consequences of that force.  Authoritarianism can only view the world from the narrow scope of that ideology and does not allow for other ideologies – and that is one of the problems with authoritarianism.

Force is not always the best solution and that is the nature of the conflict between Assange and world governments.  Authoritarianism truly does not understand individuals like Assange and the many other individuals who will pop up to support him or take his place (and they will).

Censorship is for the weak, the lazy, and the fearful – and that is what our governments have crated in us: fear, weakness, and laziness.  We are willing to surrender individual sovereignty over security, even when there has been no threat…even if that threat has been well-known.  The government wishes to do nothing to the proactive aspects of keeping it’s citizens safe until something happens.  At that point, they use the power of deceit against it’s people in order to maintain any type of status quo…and of course to get a vote.

Assange IS the superpower of the world right now because he holds the information that people in power did not intend for people like him to have.  It’s all in the web of lies and deceit – the handbook of being in power, if you will.  Assange is in control – and there is simply nothing that the world’s governments can do about it.  Information cannot be destroyed, and that, my friends – is what Assange has as his arsenal.

The bell…cannot be unrung.  Make Assange a martyr and rest assured, there will be millions of martyrs after him on the same mission.  This Hydra, Hercules, cannot be destroyed unless the government clamps down on liberty and regulates the internet.  Regulating the internet will give it over to the wealthy few who control the world governments and wield the REAL power behind the thrones.

Destroying the internet and persecuting Assange will reinforce and exacerbate feelings of disenfranchisement and our loss of power and control.  Unfortunately when a people begin to feel that they have lost power and control – again we turn to history, and look at the American episode and see the revolution and the civil war.

To make Assange a martyr and to clamp down on the dissemination of information, will not only slow down progress (because information drives progress) but it will also push Americans towards revolution.

For this, Assange – WE THE PEOPLE THANK YOU.

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4 thoughts on “The Ramifications of Making Assange a Martyr

  1. Great Post….would be interesting to see how the board decides when Julians name pops up for a nobel peace prize 😉

  2. Nearly all Nobel Peace Prize winners have had to go through hell and back before they were afforded the honor of having this title. Assange is no different. There are indeed ramifications to making him a martyr – and being a Nobel Candidate is one of them. Time is already considering him for Man of the Year.

  3. although its strange there have been various reports of TIME taking his name down. The Wikileaks Facebook reported yesterday that TIME had taken his name down so I think he really was taken down but after so much protest his name was reinstated… you have the link to this….would be good to post it here

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