The Psychological Impact of Wikileaks and Assange

A lot has been said about the effects of Wikileaks and Julian Assange on the general public – what damage might be caused and what people are supposed to do with the information that they receive.  Much has been said about what needs to happen now in this Era of Leaking.

Contrary to popular belief, leaking did not just come up out of the blue.  Leaking has been a practice with a history as long as 500 years or more ago.  The only difference between past leaks and then the appearance of Wikileaks and Assange on the scene is that whistleblowers whom have leaked in the past have not formed massive organizations like Wikileaks.  Although Assange himself is not a whistleblowers – rather a journalist – what he’s doing could impact whistle-blowers across the globe.

When people become informed about what their governments are doing, there is a certain anger that fills them up either on behalf of the whistleblower, the organization who publishes the leak, the government or themselves.  Perhaps it is all of the above and to understand where that anger is coming from is paramount.  If the anger is held in tow – and allowed to build up, things happen in negative ways.  Violent protesting occurs, suicide rates increase, and morale of the general public falls.

Things that happen within any government that we find out later when it’s too late to do anything about creates a bit of a melodramatic depression throughout an already oppressed and depressed society.  This in turn fuels the pharmaceutical companies and the psychological field.  There looms a feeling of despair and hopelessness on a people until such time that someone stands up and says, “You know what?  I’m sick of this.  Lets do something about it.”  As a rule, people do not like feeling depressed nor do they enjoy having the door shut in their face when it comes to information.

The concern over this “getting fed up” mentality is that it might go in the wrong direction and we’d be at square one all over again.  Julian Assange has changed governments for the good in the past – but in doing that he was also putting his full attention on one nation rather than the world.  Right now, Julian Assange has had to turn his attention to Sweden, who is unwilling to change their supreme pro-feminist ideology.  Julian Assange cannot turn his attention right now to changing governments because he has to ward off death threats from the US and accusations of rape in Sweden.  This is of course, all too coincidental – as many world governments know that in order for him to change governments, he must be able to participate in those governments.  Being confined to a Mansion in the UK is not helping this track at all.

Julian Assange needs to be absolved of these “distractions” so that he can pursue his goal of opening governments and changing them for the good.  He needs to be directly involved in governments, and not from abroad locked up in yet another prison with more room to move.

As it sits right now, with Julian Assange being locked away in the Mansion, the rest of the world is experiencing anxiety.  There was a huge hype over Wikileaks and Julian Assange and there were several news/media organizations helping to keep the information flow steady but that seems to have decreased in the past two weeks.  Information is not flowing as steadily as it once was and Assange himself is remaining low-key.  The public is once again wondering what is really going on and why this “calm.”  Is there a storm brewing?  Is this the calm before the storm?

One can only wonder if there is a plan involved with all of the recent happenings.  Some have even went so far as to accuse Julian Assange himself as a person working as an asset for the US Government.  If this is the case, then it means that the general public will be forced to move toward an ideal that nobody really wants.  We all want the heroine in this tale to be someone of integrity.  If this is indeed a scheme of the US Government to force internet censorship, then the world as we know it is our only hope.  It’s you and I who will fight that.  There is a strong doubt that Julian Assange is anything of the sort – and he has brought upon us the notion of change from our ever zombie like state that we’ve all been in for the past decade.

This is the information age and we are learning (all of us) how to use that information in order to achieve our goals.  There has never been a time before where information was so readily available and as it seems – the public is becoming smarter than the Government and catching onto their schemes.  The time for change is upon us and it’s time that the public caught up on things that they need to know so that we can make a better future for those who will come after we are gone. The time is now – support Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  Your freedom depends on it but more importantly – life as we know it…for future generations depends upon it.

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