The Price of Admission

There is a certain feeling that lingers upon the global community when things like Assange happen.

After the initial anxiety and panic are moved into bay, there remains a distinct feeling of despair and even more so when the heroine is locked behind metal doors in solitary confinement with no end in sight.

A sweltering aroma of heavy grief rests upon the people of the world and what seems to color the black and white remnant of reality altered, is the flat notion that something is incredibly wrong with the world.

We all experience that “aha” moment as we think about what is going to happen next.  We look around us and amidst the dismal array of media thrown at us at every turn, we realize that it really doesn’t matter what happens next.  What matters, is what “we” do next.

We take a look at the events resting upon the day like dust collecting on a bookshelf – and there is no escaping the truth that we all must face.  We have turned the page and have gone onto the next chapter in our lives as we sit here using our ipods, android phones, internets…etc.  These things have become much more entertainment than they have anything else – until something like Assange happens.  At that point, we all realize just how powerful the internet really is.

The price of admitting to ourselves that all of this has occured, is nothing more than a thought – a moment of our time.  The payout rests upon us – and what we will choose to do next.  We have been given and are still getting the gift that Julian Assange has given the world.  We have taken the lesson in.  Most of us have learned – and it is our job to support the man in need – in his darkest hour.

The realization comes that the brightest star…can only be seen on the darkest of nights.  We await the release of our heroine, Mr. Julian Assange.

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