The Post Idealogical Generation

There’s a youtube video circulating featuring a 15 year old young man in the UK who adequatly and eloquently made his case against apathetic kids – who care nothing more in life about anything save Twitter and Facebook…etc.  This young man was one of the ones that went down to London to protest against the British Government cutting tuition.  It is not my intent to get into the politics of what has happened over in the UK with regard to tuition…etc, however, this boy represents a generation that was falsely accused of being “not interested,” and “docile.”

This young man’s youtube video shows yet a new generation that will not lie down and unconernedly take the soul of the boot of totalitarianism across his neck. He represents a generation of youth who are perhaps the most informed of any generation that this world has ever known.  This generation…this Post Ideological Generation…Is not afraid of the Government.  They are not afraid to stand up for liberty and they will not go quietly into that great “good night.”  These youth make up the battalions that will support and nurture the liberty that Julian Assange is trying to bring to us.  They will hold high the flame of truth that is so beloved, but lost…that same flame that Assange has lit.

What this young man has done, is similar to what Julian Assange has done.  He has walked up to that mobius bell and rung it loudly and proudly and he EXPECTS, much like Julian, that you will come forth and ring it with pride and honor as well.  Do NOT lie down the oppression.  Do NOT allow yourself to be indoctrinated into ideals that you do not believe in!  DO NOT go quietly into the night while you watch everyone around you suffer.

Dignity is one of the few remaining things that we have left and those like Julian Assange and this 15 year old boy are leading us back into a time where life is to be enjoyed – where we lavish in the sound foundations of freedom and where we WILL NOT be bought with welfare to cover up conspiracy after conspiracy to save our Government’s face.

If this 15 year old boy has the courage to stand up to what the future is threatening – then so do you.  Courage is contagious and may your journey to that great mobius bell be something that you’ll never forget – or regret.  Give yourself honor by voicing yourself against those who would oppress you and let others hear you crying liberty in the middle of the night.  Let the Raven come a knocking because once we open that door – the Raven…will be NO MORE.

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