The Position of the People

It has been argued that Assange is evading extradition because he is scared to face the justice system in the face of a rape charge.

I would like to take the time to detail out exactly “what” Julian is being accused of and why he is currently well within the limits of the justice system.

From The Guardian August 21, 2010

Swedish authorities have withdrawn an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, stating that the accusation of rape against him was unfounded.

The move came just a day after a warrant was issued by Sweden’s prosecutors’ office in Stockholm in response to accusations of rape and molestation in two separate cases.

“I don’t think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape,” the chief prosecutor, Eva Finne, said.

From The Guardian August 31, 2010

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been questioned by Swedish police over allegations of molestation, his lawyer said today.

Leif Silbersky said police questioned Assange in Stockholm for about an hour last night and formally told him of the allegations against him.

Silbersky said his client denied the accusations and hoped the prosecutor would drop the case.

Police started investigating Assange this month after two Swedish women accused him of rape and molestation, but the prosecutor later closed the rape investigation.

Molestation is not a sex crime under Swedish law, but covers offences such as reckless conduct or inappropriate physical contact. It can result in fines or up to a year in prison.

From The Guardian September 1, 2010

A senior Swedish prosecutor reopened a rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today, in the latest twist to a puzzling case in which prosecutors of different ranks have overruled each other.

Assange has denied the allegations and suggested they are part of a smear campaign by opponents of WikiLeaks – an online whistleblower that angered Washington by publishing thousands of leaked documents about US military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan on 25 July.

The case was dismissed last week by Eva Finne, chief prosecutor in Stockholm, who overruled a lower-ranked prosecutor and said there was no reason to suspect that Assange, an Australian citizen, had raped a Swedish woman who had reported him to police.

The woman’s lawyer appealed against the decision. Director of public prosecution Marianne Ny decided to reopen the case, saying new information had come in on Tuesday. “We went through all the case material again, including what came in, and that’s when I made my decision,” [to reopen the case] Ny told The Associated Press by phone. She declined to say what information she had received or whether Assange, who was questioned by investigators on Monday, would be arrested. An arrest warrant issued on 20 August was withdrawn within 24 hours.

Ny added that “it’s not entirely uncommon” that such reversals take place in Sweden, in particular regarding allegations of sex crimes. She also decided that another complaint against Assange should be investigated on suspicion of “sexual coercion and sexual molestation”. That overruled a previous decision to only investigate the case as “molestation,” which is not a sex crime under Swedish law.

Investigators have not released details about either case, though a police report obtained by AP shows both women had met Assange in connection with a seminar he gave in Stockholm on 14 August. The report shows the women filed their complaints together six days later.

From The Guardian November 18, 2010

Swedish prosecutors are to issue an international arrest warrant for theWikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, for questioning in a rape case.

A Swedish court today approved a request by prosecutors to detain Assange for questioning on suspicion of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.

From Newser December 3, 2010:

Assange is charged with “rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion.” There’s just one problem: It’s not true.

The current warrant against him does not mention rape, but “sexual coercion.”

From the Metropolitan Police December 6, 2010:

Officers from the Metropolitan police extradition unit have this morning arrested Julian Assange on behalf of the Swedish authorities on suspicion of rape.

Julian Assange, 39, was arrested on a European arrest warrant by appointment at a London police station at 9.30am.

He is accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010.

Assange is due to appear at City of Westminster magistrates court today.

So it appears that he is not accused of being a “rapist,” by authorities.  He is accused of “sex by surprise” aka “sexual coercion” which is a charge equivalent to Jay Walking in America: A Misdemeanor.

The problem lies actually, “with America.”  America has a death wish for Julian and he does not wish to die.  So here you have two conflicting wants.  Which one will be met?  Apparently the Judge that seen Julian’s bail yesterday sees the conflict and is concerned.

From AntiWarNews December 17, 2010:

A number of British officials are said to be concerned that when Assange is sent to Sweden he will end up in US government possession and simply “disappear.”

And sources say that a number of other magistrates were irked by Riddle’s previous position, saying they believed he was buckling to US pressure to silence WikiLeaks in accepting his detention without bail or evidence on totally non-WikiLeaks related allegations. His sudden interest in actually hearing about some sort of case suggests that robe isn’t just for show, and Assange’s transfer won’t be a straightforward rubber stamping of the Swedish government’s efforts.

Julian Assange December 17, 2010:

He said his Swedish legal team had now been passed evidence relating to the rape charges against him. “There has never been a single page provided to me in English and, until two weeks ago, not a single page whatsoever provided in any form to my Swedish counsel – even in Swedish. This is a clear, clear abuse of process.”

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  1. Thanks to Mirjana. Экстрадиция в США невозможна, так как выдача за совершение политических преступлений не допускается.

  2. Translation: Extradition to the United States is impossible, since extradition for political offenses is not allowed.

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