The Parallel between the Perpendicular

Is it wrong to draw a parallel between Assange and the masters of Philosophy?

When we look upon the timeline of our existence, there is a lot to be said with regards to how Assange will make his way into any Philosophical genre.  The first thought that comes to mind, when I think Philosophically about Assange is that he seems to support Nihilism.  This may come as a shock to some of you, but in all reality – there is a direct parallel with his notions and that of the Nihilistic attitudes. I have reason to believe that there has been a mainstream misconception of Nihilistic Philosophies – at least from an American standpoint.

When we think about Nihilism, more times than not – we are referring to Anomie, which can be characterized as the mood a person takes when they have concluded that there is no point to existence here on Earth.

I prefer to take it into another direction – and say that what Assange has done is more of a notion that states that there are really no “norms,” apart from that which we place upon society as a global – or even national – whole.

What Assange did, was in fact – Nihilistic in this sense that I am speaking because he defied the “norm.”  The “norm,” then for mainstream society has been to simply accept that we have corrupt governments – to accept that while watching political ads for campaign, the lies.  We have become so entrenched with conformity that we’ve forgotten any morals or values that may be more important than “security.”

And that is what this article is really about.  Security over freedom.  As citizens of various nations, we choose to be secure instead of to be free.  We have chosen to vote for security over liberty.  And for those nations who are not of a democratic mindset – we’ve chosen security over doctrine and tradition.

Indeed, Julian Assange has bestowed upon us a unique kind of gateway that will allow all of us to appreciate security, but cherish what’s more imporant – that being that our integrity can be re-established and our honor put back on the mantle of our hearts.

When looking at Nihilism, we cannot forget that there will always be despair for a pointless existence – but more over – we can also see the truth-value in what Assange is doing with regard to a Nihilistic Philosophy.  There cannot be any fixed morals or values – or even ideas, and Assange has put that to the test.

In order for progress to happen in life, we all must struggle, and as Mark told me this morning – it’s about what struggles you choose to battle that increase prosperity and happiness in one’s life – and progress.

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