The Making of The “60 Minutes” Interview

Watching at home, it might seem simple to assemble the interviews and produce the pieces that you see on “60 Minutes” every Sunday night. Well, there was nothing “simple” about getting Julian Assange to sit down for his first major TV interview.

By now, most of the world has heard of and seen Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks. Assange is responsible for publishing tens of thousands of secret U.S. military reports and diplomatic cables. His supporters say he’s a freedom fighter; his detractors call him a dangerous traitor or worse.

Naturally, “60 Minutes” wanted to hear from Assange himself. But for producers Tanya Simon and Howard Rosenberg and correspondent Steve Kroft just getting this interview was a story in and of itself.

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2 thoughts on “The Making of The “60 Minutes” Interview

  1. Yes. He seems to be GENUINE! What a surprise…
    (At the Fanciers’ drooling blog (I love it!) they say that it is an astonishing statement made by people who report facts of life for a living.)

    BTW, did you know where Egypt is?
    Just got this on Twitter:
    @cynbznt: OMFG. This is why the United States is so fucked up. Right here. On this map. Thank you Fox News.


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