The Lever That Moved the World: Julian Assange

And so the United States is screaming bloody murder once again for the death of Julian Assange – the world’s hero.  Julian Assange is indeed the Phoenix who has arisen from the Ashes of the Oppressed world – and we can still see remnants of the smoke sifting through the secret life of governments worldwide.

What has life become?  Julian Assange indeed found himself a lever that allowed him to move the world – and move the world is the understatement of the year.  What this man has accomplished in such a short time nearly over-rides everything else throughout history.

History, however, does show us a few fine things that everyone should be aware of.  Since the incipience of the United States into the world – we have heard many cries of anguish echoing throughout the hearts and mouths of those affected and who are currently being affected by the United States Government.

Recently, an American Retired Military man has called for the death of Julian Assange.  Is this something to get worked up over?  Probably not, since it’s just another American who has been brainwashed and is thinking that what he’s doing is legal and fine.

You see – what goes on inside America is something all together different than what people outside of America are seeing. America has not defended her country since 1812.  Instead – America has chosen to be “big brother” to a lot of other nations – and in doing so, has deceived them of what the American “true” intention is.  Money.  It’s about Money.

And yet again – the United States is crying out for the death of Julian Assange, and why you ask?  Money.

Should the United States put Julian Assange to death, she will gain allies – allies that are able to fuel her failing economy.  She is running on fumes, and has not only failed economically – but now (because of Julian Assange) has failed morally as well.

Americans scream bloody murder for the death of people who wrong her – but what about all of the people who should be screaming bloody murder for the death of the United States?

Julian Assange will not be forgotten – even when his time on Earth ends.  He has done the world the biggest favor that anyone could have asked for – and he “is” the lever that moved the world.

Calling for the death of Julian Assange can be translated as calling the death to justice and truth – and freedom.  Calling the death of Julian Assange means that the world is heading in the wrong direction and without people like Julian Assange to defend people against terrorists like The United States – we would all find ourselves moving in or currently in a world where you are told what to think, say, do, and feel.

It is quite apparent that the world disagrees with the United States and it’s time that people stop thinking it and do something about it instead.

I propose an orchestrated information flow throughout the world – without fear, without censorship – and without oppressed thoughts.  Power to the People!

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