The Guardian Style Recap

From The Guardian Live Blog:

3.00pm: Time for a summary.

• The high court in London has granted bail to the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing rape charges in Sweden.The judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, upheld the decision by City of Westminster magistrates court on Tuesday to free Assange on strict conditions: a £200,000 cash deposit, with a further £40,000 guaranteed in two sureties of £20,000 and strict conditions on his movement. An additional five individuals offering sureties have been added.

• Lawyers acting for the Crown Prosecution Service argued that Assange was likely to abscond. But the judge noted that Assange had made arrangements at an early stage of his stay in Britain for his lawyers to be in contact with the Metropolitan police over the ongoing case in Sweden. “That is not the conduct of a person who is seeking to evade justice,” the judge said.

• Assange is likely to be released later today. Officials are currently processing the necessary paperwork. The delay involves tracking down sureties who are outside London. One of Assange’s lawyers, Mark Stephens, said on the steps of the high court: “He will not be going back to that Victorian prison. He will not be going back to that cell once occupied by Oscar Wilde.”

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