The Fear Factor

Julian Assange is a man who must be a grandmaster at this game of chess – the game of chess that he did not voluntarily sit down to play on a sunny afternoon at the park.

There have been attempts to smear Julian’s name as well as that of Wikileaks and all the supporters who have been running rampant with passion for what Julian has done.  Of course, within the ranks of those supporters one will not find those exposed such as world governments and leaders abound.

The recent accusations that have been abruptly intervening in Julian’s life are not the sole reason for concern in the eyes of the man who has restructured our world – ringing that Mobius Bell of liberty for so long now.  The concern is embedded in the notion that regardless of any false or true accusations, the United States is actively pursuing investigations into their agenda to fit the picture of Assange to “a” crime to get him on American soil.  The fear factor rears it’s ugly head once again.

Secret meetings are taking place in the United States with regard to this “on-going” investigation via Julian Assange for acts of conspiracy, espionage, and spying.  Most people who understand conspiracy will note that should Julian Assange be beckoned and brought forth to America, that he may not live to even see a court hearing.

Some of the things that rest in American history that compel people to think such things are:

The Pentagon Papers published by Daniel Ellsburg

The History of the CIA fomenting rebellion in sovereign countries.

American Attempts at  assassinating world leaders.

Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin incident.

The Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” scenario.

Even though these are merely thoughts and ideas – there is a certain truth of reality behind those notions.  They are “coulds” and it is those “coulds” that are concerning Mr. Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the world of supporters who surround him daily, either on the internet or elsewhere in various forms.

Some people claim that if Assange is innocent of the charges Sweden has bounced around, that he should simply go to Sweden and clear his name – after all, he has stated that he supports justice.  I would hold a different position.  Justice is an individual demanding that their rights be recognized.  This means Julian’s recent statement, “Nobody should have to endure this type of abuse by any justice system ” is his way of saying that he isn’t being allowed to demand that his rights be recognized.  He hasn’t even to date (nor his attorneys) been afforded any legal document written in English.  This would include having the right to face his accusers – and since Anna Ardin (one of the accusing women) has fled Sweden and has pronounced herself to be a CIA agent from Miami, Florida, USA – it doesn’t appear that Julian will be able to face her in a court of law.

If we assume that a government is sovereign, and is therefore the “correct” power – then we are surrendering our rights to government pronouncements.  That is the tail waging the dog, and is also a Hobbeian concept (Thomas Hobbes).  Power stems from the individual, not the government. It is the individual that is sovereign – and not the government.  We do not serve justice when we simply assume that the government is right, thus acquiescing to their demands.  So Julian Assange is upholding “justice” and reinforcing the proper roles of citizen and government.

Julian Assange cannot be held in regard with any ill feelings of contempt or for fleeing any type of justice.  Julian is doing the exact opposite regardless of what the law feels that it has “become.”  Once gain, Julian Assange is the beacon upon which freedom lovers worldwide can rally and draw inspiration from.

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