The End of Days

There is a certain amount of rushing around after the Christmas holiday and the media has seemingly moved on to other things – other things besides Julian Assange.  As Julian Assange awaits his fate at the Mansion, he also is working hard with Wikileaks to get us the newest cables.

In other parts of the world, we have Hillary Clinton stepping down from Secretary of State in the US, and in other areas, we can see the incipience of new laws being passed and others being voted on.

We can see change already in the world from what Julian Assange and Wikileaks have done.  There will most certainly be more change to come as well.  Julian’s history of helping to change governments is quite long.  Although there is the threat of Julian being extradited to the United States and held on trial for espionage, he has already helped in bringing about change in the US.  Laws are being reviewed and strategies are also being reviewed.  Not only is the US investigating Julian Assange, but there are quite a few individuals in the branches of our government who are also being reviewed.  There has come a time for action and the people have demanded it.

Like the aftermath of a hurricane or a volcano erruption – we are all now reflecting on what all of this is doing and how it’s affecting us and our daily lives.  Now is the time to look back on everything that has been published…what has been done…the legal processes that have taken place.  It’s a time to see if this is what we, as citizens, want.  It’s a time to scrutinize over what our governments are doing.

We know that our governments across the world have been making some mistakes and perahps that is because we citizens have somehow fallen away and our voices have seemingly become lost in the chaos.  It’s right time that we resume our positions as citizens and begin telling the government that we understand that there has been mistakes – but now is the time to not make those same mistakes again.

Take part and call you authorities.  Take part and ensure that they are understanding what you want – what your nation wants.  This isn’t a time to quarrel with your fellow citizens.  This is a time for all to step back and look at the damage that has been done – not by Julian or Wikileaks – but by our own governments.  It is a time to help our governments change.  Mistakes are only mistakes if the initial fall is continued.

Julian is for change.  We are for change.  Are YOU for change?

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