The Doha Debates on BBC – “This House believes the world is better off with WikiLeaks”

Focusing on issues ranging from national security to the alleged exaggeration of the Iraq war case, the debate was one of the liveliest to be held on the programme, and produced compelling arguments for increasing transparency in government and the exposure of secrets and lies, Gulf Times informs.

First to speak for the motion was Sir Richard Dalton, the former British ambassador to Iran, who made clear from the outset his conviction that citizens deserve to know the truth about the actions and intentions of their governments.

Opposition speaker, Carl Ford, a former US State Department intelligence chief, argued that the major consequence of the leaks will be that governments and sources will close up and refuse to share information in the future.

Former British diplomat, Carne Ross, spoke passionately about the need for more transparency in government, citing his own decision to resign from governmental service following the war in Iraq.

Executive director of the Peace Dividend Trust and former Canadian diplomat, Scott Gilmore was last to speak against the motion, and asserted that the collateral damage caused by the leaks outweighs any good they may produce.

The Doha Debates on WikiLeaks will be aired on BBC World News

Sat 5th Feb:        09:10 and  22:10
Sun 6th Feb:        02:10 and  15:10

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