The Complicated Mind of Julian Assange

There is a man here who we perceive to be complex who writes about things such as rubbing coffee over himself and notions of irrationality being something linear.  He comes across as charasmatic, yet delightful when his cell phone goes off in the middle of an interview with Ted.  But who is he really?

Many a psychologist would see similarities in Julian’s personality with that of a sociopath.  Many skeptical people will say that while promoting transparency, he lavishes within the depths of secrecy.  Others are fast to criticize his personal habits involving sex and women.

Julian’s alleged childhood is filled with secrecy – that of running from a cult to evade his half-brother’s sire.  It has been said that he went to 37 different schools and on a blog that was supposedly wirtten by him, he speaks poetically and gives out a Harvard university email address.

It is easy to take up the pen – or in this case, the keyboard – and create a Julian Assange to our liking based off of those few facts that we’ve been presented with on the internet, news, and scattered bits of ear gossip.  If, and only if, what we read and hear are true about Julian, we might end up with a work that is minutely accurate.

There seems to be few in the world whom Julian has allowed near, close enough to exchange intellect with.  Emotions used intelectually in exchange are even more rare.  One could know Julian their entire life and spend every day with him and not come any closer to knowing him than when they began.

As thoughtful as this all sounds, it still lends to complexity within any given conversation.  What matters, however, is not that of happiness.  It has been said that one can either be informed or happy.  It would seem then, that phrases such as that could be linear.  The more informed one is, the less happy they become.  If this is the case, it would seem that Julian is the most informed of us all, and so then is the least happy.  Whether or not he cares for happiness is irrelevant.

Being informed is in and of itself a neverending roller coaster ride.  Being informed implies that one is aware and from a spiritual standpoint – or rather – what we view as spiritual – being aware is banking on detachment.

While Julian was in jail, he did not make any statements regarding a fear for his life, rather, his cause would continue to serve the world.  He stated that had anything come of him or Wikileaks, that there would then be released, “The D-Day Document.”

So when thinking about Julian being detached, and then wondering what exactly that entails, we automatically think of Hinduism or Buddhism.  In the case of detachment that I speak of, I am referring to detachment from people…and material things with the goal of changing the world forever…not of obtaining liberation from it.

So here we have a man who knows himself and trusts himself who has kidnapped oppression and is forcing it to play chess with him, and not only that, but playing it in the center of an ocean of politics worldwide – fathoms deep with “unknown.”

So what kind of person would do such a thing?  Julian Assange, perhaps.  Perhaps.

Julian is noted by a few across the world as being someone who enjoys intellectual games…but to someone like myself, that means delving through my own definitions of intellect.  In my case, intellect means putting together patterns without trying to come up with conclusions or possible conclusions between the two base ideas.  An intellectual battle of that sort excited me and the second after, depresses me.  There are no answers to this game that Julian more than likely doesn’t already have.

So what’s the conclusion?  What does all of this mean?  It means that Julian is a man with a powerful intellect (my own definition) and a creative brain.  Those two mixed could produce many outcomes.  If you support him, you will support the best possible outcome in favor of oppressed people worldwide.

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